9 Ways To Break Through Any Creative Block

Written by Nikita Mor

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Highly creative people are known to be sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive. They are stimulated by energetic and emotional exchanges; they reflect deeply on intellectual information; they register sensory experiences in their subconscious. The creative mind is messy and contradictory. New ideas are formed from unique juxtapositions, unlikely associations, and incompatible energies. We seem to be wired to create in chaos.

We understand that our perception of things is what changes them.

Is creativity an inherent trait, or do we all have the potential to unlock the treasures of our creative minds? Just like emotional intelligence can be developed, so can our creativity. Our intellect and intuition must be nurtured together in order to realize our creative potential.

We can get more in touch with our creative side by consciously altering our cognitive perception in the following ways:

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1. Be empathetic.

Our creative potential is closely linked to our empathy. Understanding another person's point of view allows us to synthesize diverse perspectives to create new ideas. Empathetic understanding is useful in finding creative and innovative solutions for conflict resolution and communal harmony. An empathetic person is more likely to understand a person's motivations, needs, and desires, which is crucial in being able to write a novel, direct actors, or make films.

2. Inculcate gratefulness.

Practicing gratefulness ensures a more receptive mindset to new opportunities. We can begin to perceive problems as pathways. Appreciating smalls acts of kindness and the simplest blessings opens our eyes to the beauty of things we were previously unaware of. For example, the appreciation of beauty motivates a creative person to recapture his or her own rendition in art, film, and photography. We understand that our perception of things is what changes them.

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3. Be curious.

A creative life is one that is more strongly driven by curiosity than fear. Everything and everyone is fascinating, because they all have a story to tell. It is essential for us to connect with our inner and external environments, our immediate and global environments. Flexible, nonjudgmental communication, and the open sharing of information help to broaden our horizons. Honest feedback challenges our perspectives to become open to new experiences, ways of thinking, and alternate lifestyles.

4. Stimulate your senses.

Engaging in diverse activities that stimulates our senses opens up new neural pathways in our brains. Whether it is gardening, reading science magazines, meeting new people, painting with acrylics, or hiking, doing something interesting, exciting, and unusual will boost your creative spirit. It will help you to become more versatile in your approach.

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5. Question the status quo.

Become emotionally and mentally independent by questioning the opinions of others, authority figures and even those of your own. Respect experience and knowledge, but do not put anyone on a pedestal. Remember that everyone is subject to fallibility, imperfections, and weaknesses. Deviating from conventional thought by habit will help you to become more original and develop your own ideas. Those who are sensitive to control and propaganda are more likely to bring about revolutionary or rebellious ideas.

6. Embrace change.

Constantly push your boundaries and force yourself out of your comfort zone. Do not be rigid and fixed in your mindset; embrace the uncertainty and uncontrollability of your life circumstances. Unanimously accept both negative and positive emotions as an inevitable part of life. This will help you to become more adaptable and resistant to the monotony of constancy.

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7. Get in touch.

Creative people are prone to introspection. Our subconscious is the source that holds the reserves of our unrealized potential, the archetypes of collective consciousness, our societal conditioning, and unresolved traumas. Get further in touch with your shadow side to better understand yourself.

8. Be mindful.

Practice mindfulness meditation, minimalistic living, environmental awareness, and conscious consumerism. Become aware of your fears, needs, and desires, and become the master of your own ego rather than letting it control you. The more mindful you become, the more you will become aware of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. The greatest scientific discoveries were made by genius minds by associating two unusual ideas.

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9. Commit to personal growth.

Every conflicting feeling, thought, person, or circumstance must be considered from the lens of personal growth. We must journal, reflect, and ask ourselves how we can learn from our pleasurable and painful experiences to become more conscious and aware as human beings. This helps us grow from our experiences to embrace the evolving, ever-changing, and creative nature of our true selves.

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