7 Things You Need To Know Today (February 23)

Written by Allison Daniels

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1. Match spills on the state of modern dating.

The relationship-fostering company just released the results of a huge study on American singles. Turns out 75 percent are turned off by prospective partners who answer their phone, 66 percent don't appreciate when someone texts during a date, and 71 percent of men love it when a woman offers to split the bill. (Yahoo Finance)

2. We actually start learning words in the womb!

Newborns prefer to listen to voices speaking the language that they've been listening to in the womb, said Anne Cutler, a psycholinguist who is a professor at the Marcs Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University. Dr. Cutler said the thinking used to be that babies didn't actually learn phonemes—the smallest units of sound that make up words and language—until the second six months of life. But new research, including the recent adoptee study, is challenging that notion. (NYT)

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3. Tired? Try giving your brain a zap.

A new study conducted at NYU found that zapping your brain with a low dose of electrical current may work wonders for people dealing with fatigue and cognition problems. While this treatment is still very limited and in early stages of testing, it's certainly an interesting concept. (The Atlantic)

4. Want to know what's going to happen 5 or 10 years from now?

New research shows that, in fact, most people would rather not. In fact, only 1 percent of people from this sampling wanted to actually know the future consistently. The only time that number changed was when a pregnant person wanted to know the gender of her child. It's true what they say: Ignorance is bliss. (PsycNET)

5. We now know what ADHD looks like in the brain.

A new study, published in the journal the Lancet, found delayed development of five different regions of the brain in people with ADHD. This new research will help diagnose the condition more effectively and proves that ADHD symptoms are characterized by real, recognizable changes in the brain. (PsyPost)

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6. Your crystal may be packed with more than just good vibes.

Scientist just discovered a potentially new life form buried inside the "Cave of Crystals" in northern Mexico. The microbial life forms are thought to be up to half a million years old and could hold valuable insights into our land and the critters that inhabit it. "This has profound effects on how we try to understand the evolutionary history of microbial life on this planet," says NASA Astrobiology Institute director Penelope Boston. (National Geographic)

7. Feeling sick? You might not want to go to a hospital.

There are a number of factors that have the ability to make patients quite a bit sicker when they stay in a hospital, from the potential to acquire infections to constant, sleep-disrupting noise to poor lighting and slippery floors that lead to falls. Effort to mitigate these would lead to better health outcomes. (NYT)

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