Micro-Meditation + 5 Other Tools For Instant Grounding

Written by Kristin Dahl
Kristin Dahl is a Los Angeles based nutritionist, herbalist, and women’s wellness educator whose teachings emanate from her extensive education in holistic healing, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, plant-based cooking, and functional nutrition.

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Grounding routines and rituals have profound effects on our overall well-being. Finding peace throughout busy days is imperative to regulating stress and anxiety so we can operate at our highest level.

Giving so much of our energy outward requires us to go inward on a daily, hourly basis. Coming back to the present becomes easier when you take time for pauses, micro-meditations, and mini breathing sessions. These simple tools and grounding routines will help you reconnect to your inherent state of calm.

1. Take tech breaks.

Unplugging is one of the first steps to finding peace. Challenge yourself to take evenings, weekends, and even full days off from technology. Or simply take a social media break for a while. This will help to ease anxieties surrounding the current collective energy and support deeper, more restorative sleep as well.

Start today: Unplug from all electronics at least an hour before bed tonight for deeper sleep.

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2. Limit caffeine.

Caffeine is highly stimulating to the nervous system and overconsumption increases cortisol and adrenaline production, increasing feelings of anxiety and shortness of breath. Do your best to limit yourself to one cup in the morning, or cut coffee out completely and reconnect to your body's natural energy stores instead. This could also help stabilize blood sugar, reduce cravings, soothe your adrenals, and reset your hormones. Pay attention to the reason you're reaching for cup after cup in the first place. Maybe you just need a nap, a day off, or some time away!

Start today: Sip a cup of holy basil (tulsi) tea, which provides a clean source of energy.

3. Start your day with a micro-meditation.

Set the tone for your day with a 10-minute meditation upon waking. Then, incorporate "micro-meditations" throughout the day by breaking for 5 to 10 minutes every hour or two to meditate and reconnect. This will create more calmness, clarity, and efficiency throughout your day.

Start today: Use a meditation app or some meditation music to help support your routine.

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4. Take breathwork breaks.

Take several moments throughout the day to pause and come back to your breath. Make these mini breathwork sessions a part of your daily or hourly routine.

Start today: Take 3 to 5 minutes out of every hour to practice deep breathing. Simply inhale deeply for a count of 7, then hold for 2, then exhale slowing to the count of 7. Repeat the process 5 to 6 times. For a deeper relaxation, add a couple of drops of pure lavender essential oil to your palms and breathe in its calming scent.

5. Get back to your roots.

Get outside whenever possible. Heading into nature eases stress and tension in the mind and body and soothes our primal need to feel connected to our environment. Even if you live in a city, find a park to stroll in or pack up for a weekend away in the woods. Aligning ourselves with the rhythm of nature is a powerful way to integrate a natural ebb and flow into our lives and find deeper serenity within.

Start today: Try Earthing (walking barefoot in the dirt or sand). It's such a powerful way to root yourself in nature!

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6. Move!

Nothing helps expel negative energy more than physical exercise. Practice forms of exercise that support what your body really needs. For instance, if you're looking for more flow in your life, practice vinyasa yoga or swimming. If you need more strength and resilience, lift weights or try boxing. Regardless of what you do, prioritize movement to help to relieve stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm.

Start today: Take 10 minutes for a brisk walk or some light stretching to get your blood flowing!

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