8 Things You Need To Know Today (February 16)

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1. Are you ready for camel milk?

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a mainstay in the district of Kutch in India, but now one group is preparing to market the acquired taste to a wider consumer base. Locals who were raised on it claim it's a cure-all for "everything from acid reflux to fever and pregnancy ailment" and could help regulate blood sugar. Hey, it's worth a try. (NPR)

2. In a dramatic turn of events, stress might be good for you.

New research shows that short periods of stress, like a sauna session or a run, activate a cellular process that recycles old cells to make new molecules and create energy. This process—called autophagy—is key to extending lifespan. (Science Daily)

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3. These special glasses can give legally blind people sight.

eSight's technology takes vestigial retinal function and amplifies it, effectively sending more information from the eye to the brain. The first beta tester of eSight, Yvonne Felix, has 20/400 without eSight. With it, her vision becomes almost normal—20/25. (Mashable)

4. This 11-year-old, one-armed #girlboss reminds us that we can do anything.

Jordan Reeves, now 11, was born with only one part of her left arm—but she hasn't let that hold her back. Already an inventor (of a glitter-shooting prosthetic, natch), a Girl Scout, a musician, a CrossFit athlete, and an advocate for other children born with limb differences, Jordan is a reminder of how much our unique elements can empower us. (CNN)

5. This design feature can make your office friendlier.

Being friends with your colleagues makes you more productive and happier. What's one simple way to facilitate that? Get a standing desk. By keeping yourself at eye level with passers-by, you'll be more likely to engage them in conversation and form bonds. (Quartz)

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6. A healthy cafeteria could mean a healthy planet.

A new report followed a school district in Oakland, California, to track the effects of a plant-based cafeteria menu. The findings? Over two years, a 30 percent reduction in meat, poultry, and cheese shrank the district's carbon footprint by 14 percent, saved 42 million gallons of water annually, and saved $42,000. (Friends Of The Earth)

7. Serena Williams is killing it in Sports Illustrated this morning.

Sports Illustrated 2017 swimsuit issue is finally out, and it features 35-year-old tennis star Serena Williams in two different looks—and she slays both of them. (Instagram)

8. Could a single workout affect your heart health?

That's the conclusion of a fascinating new study in mice that found that 30 minutes on a treadmill affects gene activity within cardiac cells in ways that, over the long haul, could slow the aging of the animals' hearts. Although the study involved mice, there's no question that, in general, physical activity is good for our hearts. Researchers have long remained puzzled about just how exercise alters hearts for the better, and we're now on our way to finding out exactly why and how to utilize it to optimize our most crucial organ. We heart it. (NYT)

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