The Celebrity Makeup Artist Who Swears By Fasting & Green Juice For Glowing Skin

The Celebrity Makeup Artist Who Swears By Fasting & Green Juice For Glowing Skin Hero Image
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Rose-Marie Swift, the natural beauty guru who paints the faces of Miranda Kerr and Gisele, is the organic mogul behind RMS Beauty, the makeup line that has captivated the collective consciousness because it actually does what it says it does, AND it's 100% kind to your skin. Maybe it's because Swift's holistic approach to skincare favors healthy habits (eating well, exercising, sleeping) over a medicine cabinet full of topical antidotes, but her modus operandi is pretty simple—that there is no universal rule for the skin, nor a quick fix cure-all. And yet her products seamlessly bridge the gap between skincare and makeup thanks to the coconut oil-based foundations, luminizers, and rainbow blushers.

As a makeup artist, faces are her canvas, and like many of the women leading the charge in cleaning up our beauty rituals, Swift has poured fearlessness, artistry, and love into her products. Greedy by nature, I turn to makeup brands for active skincare, and have found that the sky-high levels of lauric and caprylic acids (in the coconut-oil formulations), have helped to control my breakouts and skin inflammation. Needless to say, Rose-Marie has a kaleidoscope of experience and knowledge to share, so I was more than excited to sit down to rack her brain on what she does daily to stay healthy and happy.

KJ: What was your first big opportunity?

RMS: Shooting with Mario Sorrenti for Self Service. It was an 18-page beauty story with all the supermodels.

KJ: What are your must-have products of the moment?

Definitely my Raw Coconut Cream—I use it for everything. It's my makeup remover, moisturizer, toothpaste, deodorant, cooking aid and smoothie booster. I even add it to my dog’s food!

KJ: What’s your best beauty tip?

RMS: Less is more.

KJ: Skin care tip we would be surprised to hear?

RMS: I don't wear sunscreen.

KJ: How do you look after yourself when you’re stressed?

RMS: Deep breath and sleep.

KJ: Favorite vacation spot?

RMS: Anywhere ocean.

KJ: What beauty products would you never be without when you travel?

RMS: Coconut cream, red lipstick, eye lash curler, and eyebrow color.

KJ: Where do you go for facials?

RMS: Ildi Pekar.

KJ: Do you diet?

RMS: Never, but I do fast.

KJ: Favorite exfoliator?

RMS: Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator..

KJ: Where do you go to watch the world go by?

RMS: Airplanes.

KJ: Wellness prediction for 2017?

RMS: Clean up the damn world.

KJ: What is your current state of mind?

RMS: Snippety.

KJ: Favorite flower?

RMS: Rhododendrons.

KJ: Running or yoga?

RMS: Both

KJ: What does wellness mean to you?

RMS: Thinking intelligently and logically.

KJ: Morning drink of choice?

RMS: Organic green juice.

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