5 Ways to Replant Paradise

Written by Anthony Anderson

The story of the Garden of Eden and the search for Shangri-la started to confuse me once I was in my 20s for this reason -- why not just recreate these ideals? Why not replant these paradise gardens? Why all the fuss about paradise lost and the never-ending search for utopia and Heaven on Earth.

For whatever reasons, our leaders generally have NOT been motivated to create a paradise planet. Luckily, its up to us. Replanting paradise on Earth both in your yard and your heart will quickly heal many wounds. Wounds we give our planet and to ourselves.

#1. Plant Fruit and Nut trees in your yard and wherever else possible. These plants are long-lived and will feed multiple generations of humans and animals. Some pine nut trees can live to be 500 years old. Imagine your great (10X) grandchildren feasting on pine nuts or walnuts from a tree you planted. We can plant living grocery stores in our backyards.

#2. See each other for the sacred siblings that we all are. Each one of us needs love and good energy. From the richest to the poorest, we are all connected at a much deeper level than most would care to admit. Once this idea takes a stronger hold on our culture, the ideas of war, greed, wage-slavery, and poverty will be unthinkable.

#3. Practice Guerilla Gardening. Many abandoned lots and fencerows just cry out for more greenery. There are many wild herbs like dandelion, violet, plantain, and burdock that give amazing nutrition and need very little help to grow. Once a person realizes what a buffet nature can be, the scope of their personal garden greatly expands in size.

#4. Support Organic and Chemical-Free Farmers. If we live in a small apartment and can't grow food ourselves, we can support those that are doing it now. Organic farmers receive very little help from governments around the world (unlike those farmer's who grow pesticide loving GMO's). By supporting them, we are encouraging less pesticides in our air, better nutrition for our bodies, and more income for those who truly care about the planet.

#5. Realizing that what is Good for the Planet, is Good for You and Your Family. Clean air, clean water, clean food. Birthrights supposedly, but somehow the disconnect was made and many don't even want it. If we are to live on a paradise planet, we have to start living as if our lives depended on it...because really they do. No more disease, no more poverty, no more lack. By co-creating paradise both in your yard and in your heart, all the problems that face our society and our lives will fade quickly. We can have that sacred garden back. Cities can be covered in food forests...fields once used to grow chemical-laden soybeans will soon be great expanses of forest gardens. Children will grow up reconnected to the beauty of nature and the love of real food. Sickness will evaporate. This is simply a change of perception. We can have this way of life again.

Live a life that promotes health and beauty, and be a part of the solution. Not a bad at all!

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