Fairy-Tale-Inspired Nails: Why Magical Manicures Are Trending

Fairy-Tale-Inspired Nails: Why Magical Manicures Are Trending Hero Image

Something curious is happening in beauty, because fairy-tale-esque influences filtering down have more than a hint of otherworldliness about them. Mythical stories re-spun by popular culture are inspiring our imaginations with their whimsical offerings. From the United Kingdom's best-selling (and mainstream) spiritual lifestyle magazine, Spirit & Destiny, to Instagram's nail star, The Hoodwitch, it seems our generation is reinterpreting global traditions in a truly profound way.

Magic is a compelling idea that diverse brands, wellness celebs, and social media stars are embracing. Take Bri Luna, aka The Hoodwitch, a 20-something Seattle-based mystic and aesthetician who comes from a long line of folk-medicine practitioners. Her images of fantastical nails clutching glistening crystals—a pose that has become her signature—have become social media gold, a New Age beauty offering that's not only fascinating but compelling.

While social media and feminism have brought this mysticism to the fore, this new kaleidoscopic array of ritual observation (from pagan holidays to full moons), and crystal charging draws from the traditional, and is being offered to an eager audience, who love how it shines a luminous light on everything from fashion and health to politics.

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Consider this, a manicure isn't just a banal beauty ritual but a piece of "everyday magic" that people have been tapping into for ages. From weaving to spinning to texting, human beings have always kept their hands occupied. And yet, if the way that we employ our hands is changing due to technology, the fact that we want to keep them adorned is nothing new. From long nails' association with vampires, sorcerers, and femmes fatales, nails have always generated a certain power for women. They serve us. They are the instruments of executive action, our tools. They allow us to "manipulate" the world so that our wishes can be fulfilled. We show our hands to vote, to seal an agreement, to confirm a union, to such an extent that the hand is often used to stand for the human agent that bears it.

The Hoodwitch is essentially helping women to tap into their inner goddess and, best of all, using accoutrements like glistening molten polishes with nail-transforming ingredients, to wonder jewels and hyperchromatic splashes of glitter juxtaposed against glowing hands. Luna says to practice empowerment and to let go of anything that causes harm or fear, which is infinitely more exciting when it has a magical component to it, don't you think?

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