Bobbi Brown's Recipe For Happiness: Exfoliation, Aromatherapy & Tequila

Bobbi Brown's Recipe For Happiness: Exfoliation, Aromatherapy & Tequila Hero Image
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February is the shortest month of the year, the blink-and-it's-over few weeks following January's cries of "Diets! Detoxes! and Gyms!" We are still vulnerable—and some of us still puffy. Which is why it was so refreshing to have lunch with Bobbi Brown today. "I'm incredibly curious about how we look after ourselves in the small ways, and with joy," she beams. "I'm obsessed with all the courses on mbg," Brown says excitedly. Who's your favorite? "Hands down, Dr. Amy Shah." As someone who's as obsessed with gut, probiotics, and tongue reading (Dr. Shah does that too) as Ms. Brown, we bonded immediately.

Here today for the launch of her ninth book, Beauty From The Inside Out, everyone's favorite make-up artist, has paved the way for the natural beauty craze that permeates today. Brown's brand was born when the make-up artist found herself on a quest to create lipstick that was flattering for all skin tones. "I was always fixing bad lipstick. I wanted to make a lipstick that looked like lips." And so she did, recruiting a chemist she met on a shoot to formulate her first ever product—the ultimate nude lipstick.

Today, she's tuning her attention to the wellness world and the way food can literally change how you feel, and how you look. "I genuinely believe that the better you eat, the better you look," she says. And she's partnered up with Lily Kunin aka Clean Food Dirty City to do just that, giving a kaleidoscopic array of yummy beauty food recipes, alongside fitness tailoring, recommendations on nutrients, restorative yoga and even mindfulness to everyone. "I want to lay the foundation for beauty from within, but in a totally attainable way. Who has 45 minutes to meditate?" And with that she asks me to close my eyes and breathe for 30 seconds. Surprisingly, very very effective!

Building on lifelong philosophies, where's she seen every trend come and go, makes Brown uniquely positioned to swing the pendulum of excess and discipline to something far more enjoyable and happy. These are not some miracle cures for eating and drinking too much, but practices you can build into your 2017 and can make you feel more balanced and healthy. "Confidence in yourself is what it's all about, and who really is totally confident? The only way you learn to be confident is to be comfortable in your own skin."

Flicking through the book which launches this April, I'm struck by the beautifully moderate approach Brown and her team of experts have taken. "Life is in your hands," she says, and the inspirational roster of women who are quoted in the book—including Laila Ali, Olivia Munn, Maye Musk and Elle Macpherson—speak to Brown's innate beauty intelligence. She's also keenly curious. "What are you doing? What are you eating?" she asks. I offer up some Australian Bush Flower Essences that really steady and ground me in the way I need in a world of constant change.


Call it a gentle evaluation, call it a quiet revolution, but Brown's "secrets" are here to help us navigate our days. As we shift our spending from ‘stuff’ to transformation, it's getting increasingly easier to cultivate mind and body-enhancing experiences. "I'm not going to do a juice cleanse, but I am going to make balanced lifestyle choices that make me happy—that includes eating a bowl of french fries at Balthazar and having a shot of tequila every now and then." Aspirational indeed.

Bobbi's Wellness Nuggets

1. Essential oils, essential oils, essential oils!

"My four favorite aromatherapy oils are peppermint to freshen my breath, grapefruit to energize, patchouli for something sexier and grounding, and neroli."

2. Walk 12,000 steps a day

"The trainer Harley Pasternak told me that you need to walk 12,000 (not 10,000) steps a day to actually make a difference in how you look and feel."

3. Williams Sonoma makes the best exfoliating mitt.

"Hands down, the oven mitts from Williams Sonoma, are the best leg exfoliators I've ever come across."

4. Drinking water through a straw elevates the experience.

"I love drinking my water from Starbucks sippy cups with the green straws. Drinking through a straw is just a more enjoyable way to have water!"

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