Why You Should Turn Your Facial Inside-Out

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Have the effects of 2017 and the weather (wherever you are) got your face feeling out of sorts? Well, I think this facial technique may help you: All you need is a good face oil, a sense of adventure, and your hands. Message can really make magical things happen and buccal massage (the term is derived from the latin word bucca, for cheek) is as equally exotic as the technique, which involves massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation, and, of course, promote unicorn-level radiant skin.

Celebrity facialist Nichola Joss (who has coaxed Keira Knightley's and Kate Moss's cheeks to plump perfection) is all about promoting the bouncy facial contours nature meant to give us...One of the UK's leading celebrity facialists, Joss, famously incorporates buccal massage into her signature treatments. "I felt that facialists were missing the mark with buccal massage, so I wanted to create my own version that used much deeper pressure point and lymphatic-based massage movements," she said. The result? An even more relaxed face that rests in a more lifted position (hence, the face-lift effect), which can last up to three days, and even longer, if you practice facial massage at home daily with a face oil for five to six minutes.

Nichola, who has a degree in Biology, took her knowledge of the human body, along with her good friend's dentistry know-how to create the bespoke massage (undertaken inside the mouth) that gives the muscles around your chin and cheekbones a good workout. The hard pressure massage is also used on the outside, kick starting the lymphatic drainage system (to detox the skin of toxins) and relieve tension.

While buccal massage involves willingness and know-how to massage lower gums and cheeks from inside the mouth, facial massage is a game-changer. Not only will you walk away with plumped-up skin, and a less tight jaw (I can attest), but doing it regularly will help you find your cheekbones and maybe even your jawline.



  1. Pop three-four drops of facial oil into your palms and rub together to warm the oil. Close your eyes and press your hands up to your face, taking a few deep breaths in to enjoy the aroma of the oil.
  2. Gently apply the palms of your hands to your face and move your hands outwards in smooth sweeping movements, working from the centre of the face outwards.
  3. Massage the oil into your skin for one minute using your fingertips and starting from the centre of the face, working outwards and upwards in small circular motions.
  4. To firm and tone the jawline, bend your index and middle fingers on both hands and place your chin between your knuckles. Glide along your jawline to under your ears in a sweeping motion. Repeat six times.
  5. To improve facial contours place the pads of your thumbs under your cheekbones with your palms facing outwards and gently push up. Work from the centre of the face outwards. Repeat six times.
  6. Improve the firmness of the skin on the neck by gently using your palms to sweep the oil up the neck area. Then sweep your palms across your chest from left shoulder to right shoulder, sweeping across the décolletage with the palm of the hand. Repeat both sides three times.

While this isn't exactly a buccal massage, it's a great visual place to start getting to grips with self-massage principles and techniques mentioned if you're feeling somewhat intimidated. Give it a try!

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