5 Quick DIY Remedies For Puffy Eyes

5 Quick DIY Remedies For Puffy Eyes Hero Image

What are puffy eyes really? All-natural esthetician Britta Plug blames it on your lymph. "A stagnant lymph can be due to inflammation, exhaustion, or in traditional Chinese medicine kidney qi, and all contribute to excess water weight that can manifest in puffy eyes. How to ban the bags long term? "You need to drink plenty of water, which will shift toxins, cut back on salt and load up on diuretic foods (i.e., veggies) to flush out excess fluid," says holistic facialist Jordana Mattioli. Oh, and get some SLEEP!

Need to de-puff in a matter of minutes though? Try these DIY hacks that will calm, cool, and deflate your eye area with minimal effort on your part. Happy concocting, ladies!

1. Aloe vera gel

Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, aloe vera is known to soothe skin and encourage cell repair, while its anti-inflammatory properties help decrease puffiness. Natural beauty junkies will tell you that the gel from fresh leaves, applied around the eye-bone area, will make your lids and lashes feel instantly fresher.

2. Chamomile tea bags

"Wear chilled chamomile tea bags as eye masks for five minutes and the antioxidants and caffeine content will help tighten and tone the surrounding skin, increasing circulation and therefore drainage," says Mattioli.

3. Cold spoons

An oldie but a goldie, this trick works a treat. If time allows, pop two metal spoons in the freezer for a few minutes to chill; if not, hold them under very cold running water instead. Then lie back with the cup of the spoons over your closed eyes for a minute and the cold constricts blood vessels, thereby reducing swelling.


4. Chilled eye cream

If you regularly suffer from puffy eyes keep your eye cream in the fridge, and when applied, the active ingredients will work even harder. I like Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème, which has a tightening formula. Winning.

5. Drainage massage

"Hands down, massage is the best way to improve blood circulation and in turn encourage the removal of fluids," says Plug, but as it's a sensitive area, be gentle with your pressure. To do it when applying your eye cream first tap it in with your fingertips doing a drumming action underneath your eyes, then rest your fingertips there and gently pull on the the skin to support drainage. Next lift the upper eyelids by tapping the browbone and gently pushing the skin upward.

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