How To Manifest Your Dreams With Natural Perfume

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep." Shakespeare

Wearing perfume to bed might seem odd, especially since perfume is intended to be worn in public as an invisible (and often expensive) accessory. But perfume can enhance and adorn our lives in other ways. When worn consciously, it can help focus the mind, evoke or invoke the subconscious, trigger emotions and create associations.

Fragrance can allow the mind to drift and shift, especially when the body is powering down. It can establish a pre-dream state and help make a transition from wakefulness to sleep. Perfume can manifest dreams.

Here are some ways to appreciate perfume before going to sleep:

Make sleep special and sacred.

It is the only time we are truly alone with ourselves. What better way to celebrate than by anointing ourselves with a beautiful scent that can accompany us through the night. Perfume stimulates the pleasure center of the brain so we associate good thoughts with sleep.

Perfume can act as an olfactory mantra.

At the end of the day when thoughts pile up, dab on a few drops of Himalayan Cedarwood oil and lay down with eyes closed. Allow the mind to focus on the scent. If other thoughts creep in, redirect attention to the fragrance and how it feels to enjoy it. With regular practice one can train the mind to relax through this simple pavlovian response.

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Appreciate the power of scent.

Perfume is a luxury. It’s not something we need like food, water, shelter or sleep. And yet it is primal. Our noses are able to detect even the smallest number of scent molecules. It doesn’t matter how deep in thought we may be, if we catch a whiff of perfume our attention turns to its source. Allow your body to succumb to power of perfume.

Contemplate perfume composition.

With regular practice one can train the nose to identify individual notes and accords and even ascribe colors or sounds to them. This is called synesthesia. While falling asleep the subconscious mind is open to suggestion and can allow this to happen.

Natural perfumes are a good choice for dream manifestation

Natural perfumes have aromatherapeutic effects. While sleeping we are not conscious of scent; a form of anosmia that allows the body to rest, but the unconscious mind is still at work. A perfume can take the wearer on a dream journey as the notes dry down allowing one to catch the tail end of the story when waking up.

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DIY dream manifestation perfume

A simple night time blend that is meditative and sensuous combines creamy sandalwood with himalayan cedarwood and a selection of florals. The number of drops can be adjusted to suite ones taste.


  • Blend all the oils into organic jojoba and allow to age for a week before using.




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