This Weekend Is a Divine Time to Align!

There was a time in our history when we, as humans, lived in harmony with the rhythm of nature. We tracked the heavens and followed the guidance of stars. From ancient Wisdomkeepers, systems of healing and enlightenment have been mapped for us to follow. Although we may have lost touch with lunar cycles and bemoan the force of nature when it interferes with our own, we are still intimately woven into the mystical matrix of Earth and Heaven, regardless of our awareness of that or not. As our individual consciousness is entwined within infinite consciousness, we have the ability to source and create from this ancient portal of wisdom.

New Moons signal a time for introspection, the dark moon reminding us of our own inner darkness, not as a bleak and dismal abyss, but rather as a fertile field of unmanifest potential. It is from this darkness that a seed starts its journey to light. And so it is with our own seeds of creation. Our seeds of thought, feeling, dreams and visions. What we are thinking today creates the reality of our tomorrow.

The Mayan calendar maps the evolution of our consciousness through nine different cycles. Each holds a specific intention, moving from the first cycle of Cellular Creation that started over 16 billion years ago, to our current cycle of evolution, the cycle of Conscious Co-creation. Within each cycle, a period of 7 days and 6 nights is required for the evolution of that cycle. At the time of the Big Bang, and the beginning of the Mayan calendar, over a billion years were necessary for creation to evolve. We are currently living in a time where creation requires less than a year. What once took a billion years to create has now compressed to under a year. No wonder it feels as if time is speeding up!

This weekend we enter a powerful portal for aligning our dreams and visions as the new moon of July 30th combines with the 5th day, or budding phase of the Mayan calendar on July 31st. Use this time wisely as it is a powerful opportunity to set forth your intentions. Meditate, pray, create ceremony!. DREAM BIG! Begin today to create the reality of your tomorrow. Creation is calling!

Use the following guided meditation here from a “Structure for Spirit” to support you in manifesting your intentions.

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