The One Tool That Makes You Persuasive, Relatable & Unstoppable

Written by Jessie May

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As odd as this sounds, we each have a unique heart shape. What I mean by this is that there's a signature song of our soul that longs to be felt and known and to be expressed. When we remember our heart song, we ignite the power of presence within us. We feel on purpose… And most of all, we can start to recognize each other, by heart.

This heart song I mentioned comes from the inside. For example, the way you feel exhilarated after a juicy yoga class, or sharing a beautiful moment with loved ones, creating something meaningful, or connected after a deep meditation. However you get there, we've all experienced this high. It's a feeling of being connected to something bigger.

Once we access it, and stay there, we're in a phenomenon often called flow state. Everything seems to be connecting. Synchronicity cues up magical moments that string together in wonderful ways, and you feel fired up. You feel alive with potential and possibility, inspired to create. You feel me? I know you do…so how do we live from this place? This heartfelt source inside… Imagine you could activate it with intention, and on demand? Well, I'm here to share that you can and tell you how.

The one thing to remember when trying to get what you want out of life

First, this piece is key, so I'll say it again—even more directly than before. We ALL long to be loved. Straight up. It's so simple yet difficult to admit when society programs us to keep our feelings buttoned up. Instead we should put a smile on it. Or an attitude. Whatever mask we choose based on our experience. We are conditioned to repress, to suppress, to contract, and blend in. To dim our light so that we "fit in."

The sooner we acknowledge this and stop playing into the masquerade, the freer we are to own our power. Your voice is your vehicle. And when it's heart-powered you are unstoppable. Let's get down with it. Here's a simple rhythm to practice—to keep you connected, and guide you when you're not.

Remember, it's your willingness that opens the door to connect with your heart's power. Not your readiness because really who's ever REALLY ready?

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1. Create and clear space.

Carve out time in your day the way you would for an important appointment. Put it on your calendar. Make sure you honor it. The more you do, the easier it gets. Ideally choose the same time every day. Morning upon rising or evening and before tucking in are best and easiest especially if you struggle with staying consistent.

I strongly recommend getting a yummy candle with a soothing scent to enhance your experience.

2. Breathe and return home to your heart. (Here's how.)

Now that you've created the space, put your hand on your heart. Pause. Take a moment to feel for your heartbeat. Breathe into it…allow your breath to soften and recalibrate with the rhythm of your heart. Slow down. Envision igniting a powerful, radiant fire in the center of your heart, a radiant light that can alchemize anything that's in the way. Breathe—brighter with each inhale, more expansive with each exhale.

You can do this step in any situation that is overwhelming to slow down and reconnect.

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3. Express your truth and communicate what you feel.

Expressing what came through is essential. When we feel through, we heal through, and we reconnect with our source inside. Make time to write, paint, sketch, speak, sing, create, or sit quietly afterward, but keep time open to express yourself.

Whatever comes through: feelings, vision, knowing. Share it with someone you love and trust, if you want. Create a group dedicated to this mission. This is where the magic happens. When we build relationship through honest heart space and communicate with vulnerability—we come to see how much we have in common and we strengthen our capacity for compassion and co-creation. We empower our source inside by connecting and expressing our truth.

Willingness drives our connection; it invites possibility and summons your potential. This is the power of your heart.

Are you willing to take that leap? To say yes to what's calling your beautiful heart? The more willing you are to express your truth, the stronger your heart will become. Trust that each time you leap, heart first, your willingness weaves the way. It's your choice to embrace it, to express your heart song unapologetically.

The world longs for your light. We all do. More than ever right now.

4. Welcome tenderness.

Being tender with ourselves and one another is the greatest gift we can give and receive. Tenderness takes courage. Tenderness allows us to really see and be seen through love's lens, which is also the most vulnerable. The heart space is where we get to soften and come home to who we are.

We're encouraged to let go of the expectations, shoulds, and masks we wear.

Tenderness is the great metabolizer. Its presence sees beyond the ego's need for approval, attachment, and recognition. When we are tender, love melts us open. Hearts smile, our pain can breathe, truth can rise, and we discover humility. Tenderness shows us the humble way to hold each other as we ride this wild journey.

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How to connect: Take a moment.

Take a moment to connect with your heart now... Imagine someone who you know could use some tenderness. It may be you. See them here... breathe and feel their heart beyond the story you're holding. Do they want to be seen and heard, just like you? Be with them. Practice this whenever you are triggered by someone. It's simple and powerful. Life is too precious to waste. Remember, we're all in this together. It's time to get tender.

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