A Doctor Explains The Different Types Of Pain + How To Heal Naturally

A Doctor Explains The Different Types Of Pain + How To Heal Naturally

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One third of Americans suffer from pain. And in my experience, most of them suffer needlessly—because pain is quite simple to treat if you use the right tools. The problem is that many physicians are essentially clueless about pain management—and they don’t even know that they don’t know. Mostly, they are taught to use narcotics (which can have dangerous side effects) or surgery (which is often unnecessary).

Here's how to treat your pain naturally.

Meanwhile, herbal remedies have proven to be pretty effective for pain, and also cause “side benefits” instead of side effects. For example, curcumin is great for pain but is associated with a lower cancer risk and decreased depression and Boswellia has been linked to decreased asthma and inflammatory bowel disease.

I find that most pains can be effectively treated by combining these four approaches:


1. Biochemistry

This includes herbs, nutrition, and medications. For example, topical comfrey (available as TraumaPlant) was shown to decrease back pain a remarkable 95 percent in one double-blind study.

2. Structure

This includes chiropractic, massage, osteopathic manipulation, and (rarely) surgery. A brilliant new technique called Kinetic Chain Release also falls under this approach.


3. Biophysics

This includes modalities like acupuncture, energy healing techniques, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

4. Mind-body-spirit

Repressed feelings have also been shown to contribute to back pain, so it's important to address them in your healing process.

A bit of information that makes pain relief much easier? Like the oil light in our car, pain is our body’s way of saying it needs something from us. And when you put oil in your car, the oil light goes out. In essence: give your body what it needs and the pain goes away. Each kind of pain is like a different warning light. Here is what they’re telling you:


Here's what your pain is telling you:

1. Arthritis pain

This is saying that the inflammation system is on overdrive. Herbal remedies can be highly effective at restoring balance, I use a mix of curcumin, Boswellia, DLPA, and nattokinase. It works quickly in most cases, and continues to increase in effectiveness over time.

2. Muscle pain

This represents energy depletion in your muscles and explains why they get stiff and sore after a hard workout. A great approach is to restore energy production with high-dose B vitamins and magnesium.


3. Fibromyalgia.

Got widespread pain, fatigue, and can’t sleep? Then you likely have fibromyalgia. This represents an energy crisis in your body, where all of your muscles get chronically shortened and causing widespread pain. My research team's published placebo-controlled study showed that using the SHINE protocol, which optimizes sleep, hormones, infections and immunity, nutrition, and exercise as able resulted in 91 percent of people improving with an average 90 percent increase in quality of life. I would recommend seeing a holistic physician or a naturopathic doctor if you suffer from this type of pain.

4. Back pain

In most cases this is muscle pain, sometimes aggravated by arthritis. Taking curcumin, Boswellia and DLPA plus Willow bark and devil’s claw can be great for this. Studies have shown that willow bark and other herbal formulations can be effective at treating pain.

You can also see a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Especially helpful? Find a massage therapist specializing in myofascial release. Getting a good night sleep is critical to healing pain and valerian, lemon balm and passionflower are excellent herbs to promote sleep, which is when tissue repair occurs.

If you have severe chronic pain that persists despite the suggestions above, the proper specialist to see is a physiatrist (also called Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation). To find a specialist that combines standard and holistic techniques you can visit the Academy of Integrative Pain Management or my website's Physician Finder database.

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