How To Use Numerology To Contour Your Face

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Contouring and numerology are like chocolate and vanilla: best together.

It's safe to say that the world has had enough of misleading jawlines and deceptively high cheekbones. Enter numerology contouring, a technique that is by no means novel but has recently resurfaced as the latest trend in the green makeup game. Physiognomy or face reading is the art or science of reading the face of an individual in order to identify that person's personal traits. Our faces reflect our deepest emotions whereas our eyes give others an idea about our feelings to the external world. "The human face is a map that indicates an individual's personality, personal history, mental attitudes, inner needs, morals, emotional style and verbal communication," says feng shui expert Anjie Cho.

The best thing about numerology contouring is that it's a real way to enhance what nature gave you without spending hours trying to fake razor-sharp cheekbones. Instead, keep your formulations sheer and emphasize whatever you desire! Remember that your skin tone varies by area, meaning your forehead may need a bit of brightening, where your cheeks might need to dial down the rosiness. Extra shine on your nose? Pick up a yellow tone formula like Nu Evolution Loose Powder ($39) to counteract any redness and draw an 11 along the sides of your nose; it's about defining and emphasising your best features, and creating a gently "lifted" look through careful product placement. For deeper skin tones, the same equation is applicable; just go a shade darker, like a peach powder hue or vegan brand Han Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Coral Candy ($15) instead of a light pink pigment.

"Every number has an inner meaning and symbology," says Cho. "So let's see what the numbers represent and how the application of your favorite cream formulas, sheer finishes and colors, can enhance your own natural skin tone." If contouring is done right, it should be your own little secret...


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Three is the dynamic number of new beginnings and creation. Think of the infinite number of divine triads: birth, life, and death; past, present, and future; and even mind, body, and (green) spirit! The trio of mother, father, and child is especially important, as it's the creation of new life.

How-to: Press the universally flattering Tata Harper Very Bronzing Cream ($40) contouring color into the shape of a three along the sides of your face. Start at the side of your forehead, sweep it down under the cheek-bone, and then right along the base of your jaw line.


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The number seven represents possibilities, completion, and it is the sum of the divinity of three and the stability of the earthy and grounded four. This combination of three and four creates potential for manifesting our hopes and dreams. The number seven is about bringing our aspirations from heaven down to us here on earth.

How-to: Start of the outer bottom of your lash-line and trace a 7 with RMS Living Luminizer ($38) into the contour of your eyes to magically highlight skin for a sheer, luminous glow. If you want to amp up the ritual, use a W3LL People Basic Eye Contour Brush ($28) eyeshadow brush, and make small little circles so that you blend well.


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All about stability, power, renewal, and change, the number eight hold a strong significance. In the tarot, eight is the strength card. In feng shui, the number eight is related to self-cultivation and knowledge and brings forth an image of a strong and stable mountain.

How-to: Grab your favorite blush color (we're loving Kjaer Weis Cream Blush ($56)) and makes a circle eight on your face. Start at the apples of your cheeks and stop about a half inch from your hair line making sure to stay on your cheek bone.


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The number 11 reduces down to two in numerology, where you add the digits 1+1, to get 2. In Roman numerals, II also represents the number two. The number two symbolizes relationships, a pair. This number is also related to the mother and the feminine principle. It's about partnerships, balance, and receptivity.

How-to: Use the number eleven to remember how to contour along the sides of your nose. Ilia Beauty's Multi-Stick in Dusty Rose ($34) combines vitamin E and shea butter for a healing and defining pop of muted color.

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