Why Diets Aren't The Key To Lasting Weight Loss

If there's one wish I have for you this year, it's that you resist the temptation to go on yet another diet that's riddled with blame, shame, and disappointment. My hope for you is that you choose something sustainable, fulfilling, and joyful instead. And yes, that something does exist.

This isn't an article to bash every diet out there. This is an invitation to stop forcing and pushing yourself to be or look different because, let's get serious, dieting sucks. Diets lit-er-al-ly suck the life out of you.

The underlying message that we get from diets is our own not-enoughness. Many diets claim to "make you healthy" but actually ingrain a fear of being fat or that the body you already have isn't good enough. It's about how losing weight is going to make everything better and you'll be happier and healthier and live happily ever after with a six-pack. It's shaming, it's damaging, and it's bullsh*t.

The reality is that you don't have to change a thing about yourself to be what you want to be.

Diets are unrealistic. You have to "give up" foods you like and battle against "willpower" or assumed lack thereof, and then you blame yourself (not the diet!) when you "give in."

Diets hook you with the quick fix, but there's nothing about you that needs to be fixed because you, my dear, are not broken.

Now I know there are diets out there that have good intentions or claim they're not a diet but a lifestyle. I encourage you to challenge this statement. Of course, if you've found a way of eating that works for you, power on, sister! But I would venture to say that this isn't the majority of the people who struggle with weight.

Many people out there are confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated with their weight, dieting, and their unhealthy relationship with food and their body.

After hundreds of hours of research to understand at a soul level what works when it comes to sustainable weight loss, health, and happiness, it turns out it's much simpler than you might think.

Food Freedom

We've got to loosen our grip on our goals. We've got to stop trying to control, count, monitor, guilt, shame, and stress about what it is we're eating, when we're eating, all of it. It's doing us no good. Actually, it's damaging at a much deeper level by creating a stress reaction in our bodies that's only going to tell the body to hold on to weight.

Each time you restrict or go on another diet, are you silently telling yourself that you're not good enough how you are? That you don't deserve to eat foods that bring you pleasure or that something about you needs to be fixed? Because this makes all the difference.

Is your desire to go on a diet coming from a hateful place or a loving place?

By giving yourself full permission to enjoy the foods you truly want, stress loosens its grip on you.

Body Acceptance

Did you know that this is the body that you've indeed been given? This very one that you sit with at this very moment. And did

you know that the shape of your body right now may be the very shape that it stays until the day you die? And also, maybe it isn't. The point is, we don't know! So why not soften into the very vessel that houses what really matters—your soul?

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There are millions of things on this planet more important than your diet and how you look. Truly. And one of those is the relationship you have with yourself. You've got to be on your own team if you want to succeed. You've got to cheer yourself on, pat yourself on the back, relax, take the pressure off, stop comparing, judging, and pushing to be somewhere you aren't. Stop. It.

We've got to choose love. Deep, unconditional, all-bets-in, love.

If you want health and happiness, this is where I believe you start.

Is good nutrition incredibly important? Yes! But first we must stop hiding behind the distraction of a diet and start getting to the root. This food challenge is a doorway to deeper healing, so go there. That's my deepest hope for you this year, and guess what? You deserve it.

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