How AcroYoga Transformed My Sex Life

How AcroYoga Transformed My Sex Life

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When you find the flame of your relationship dim, it can be hard to spark the fire again. Six months ago, my relationship found its way into the quicksand of boring sex, and I worried my partner would turn into another failed love story. Routine sex can take the excitement out of intimacy quicker than you can spell s-e-x, so I was elated when I dragged my partner to an AcroYoga class at a local yoga studio.

It revolutionized our sex life.

AcroYoga combines practices from acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. The practice, much like something you'd see at Cirque du Soleil, transforms bodies into fluid and graceful postures. After a few classes, we began to see a shift in our attraction to each other. We began to communicate with each other in a way we never had before. With AcroYoga, we experienced a deeper level of passion, trust, and excitement that ignited our relationship.

Here's why.

AcroYoga establishes trust and communication.

Much like AcroYoga, intimate relationships expose your vulnerable side, and a lack of trust can be detrimental. AcroYoga cultivates a strong sense of trust and communication between you and your partner. You are opening yourself up to being vulnerable, and when practicing AcroYoga, there is a necessity to establish trust with each other in order to flow through each pose. Doing so allows you to gain closeness and feel safety within the vulnerability.

Sharing a practice of AcroYoga with your partner also requires that you develop a uniquely direct and gentle kind of communication. With this communication, you develop an ability to tell your partner your wants and needs without hurting their feelings, which can be exceptionally helpful in your relationship.


It allows you to be playful with each other.

AcroYoga, while challenging, is a great way to de-stress and laugh with your partner. In the postures, you may find yourself in odd positions balancing on your partner's foot or holding your partner by your fingertips, and while it may seem serious from an outsider's perspective, it is a great exercise for unwinding and sharing fun moments together.

Laughter stimulates positive energy and connects you and your partner on a deeper level. When you bring playfulness into your relationship, you are learning to not take things so seriously, and intimacy then becomes more enjoyable.

Your bodies become synchronized.

AcroYoga is a dance of two bodies, connecting, shifting, and relying on the strength of each other to execute. When practicing AcroYoga, your bodies become synchronized with each other, and you begin to learn the ins and outs of how your partner moves. This harmonization of two bodies develops a more passionate and intimate relationship. When you begin to learn your partner's body as well as your own, you can take your sexual relationship to the next level.

It's quite often you hear stories of relationships ending because of the quality of sex. True intimacy with another person can be hard to find and even harder to keep—oftentimes it has to be cultivated. Through AcroYoga, we found ourselves passionately in love and inspired by each other. What will AcroYoga do for your relationship? It might be time to find out.

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