How Technology Can Turn Your Dreams Into A Personal Piece Of Art

How Technology Can Turn Your Dreams Into A Personal Piece Of Art Hero Image
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"And in the morning they shook their pillows violently, hoping all the dreams they lost that night would tumble out."

No such exertion is now needed with Sharonna Karni Cohen's dream (excuse the pun) app. With a current crop of 500 artists from cities as diverse as Warsaw, Osaka, Johannesburg, and New York, Dreame allows you to choose the one whose work resonates the most, and in return you'll get your dream turned into a one-of-a-kind illustration.

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"Everyone dreams," says the 28-year-old, currently based in Tel Aviv. "We might not always remember them, but we all spend a lot of time doing it. I'm talking both daydreams and night dreams, as well as the hopes-and-desires kind of dreams."

What Cohen's startup, which launched two years ago and is called, appropriately, Dreame, offers its users—or dreamers—is an opportunity to play with those dreams by having them interpreted visually. Enlisting artists, illustrators, cartoonists, and designers from around the world, Cohen has created a platform that allows users to scroll through an online gallery and link up with artists of their choice. The user then describes their dream in writing and, if they want, images to that artist, who transforms it into a work of art. The resulting work is signed jointly by the artist and, unless they prefer anonymity, the dreamer.

"Da Vinci carried a notebook everywhere he went and would write or draw anything that moved him. Two of his to-do's were to: Calculate the measurement of Milan and to draw Milan. Some of Johnny Cash's to-do's from his famous list include 1) kissing June, 2) not kissing anyone else, 3) not eat too much, 4) practice piano 5) go see Mum."

For those of you who, like me, mine their nighttime reveries for clues to their inner lives, for creative insight, and even for premonitions, this is a fascinating exercise in objective interpretation. I think it's hard not to believe that at least some of our sleep-time scenarios are imbued with significance, and it's a fun digital visual to refer to, perhaps helping us to decode the messages that we might otherwise miss.

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Dreamers wish-crafting list steps:

1. Think about the micro-dreams you want to achieve. Explore what you would like to do more, wear more, say more, see more, feel more.

2. Find an inspiring place to write your wish list, whether it is your favorite cafe or a peaceful garden or even your living room with your favorite tunes in the background. You can also send your favorite song to inspire the artist.

3. Get a piece of paper or your laptop and write your wish list.

4. Once you have done this, go here. Enter them and your Instagram profile/photo of you so the artist can see your beautiful face.

"Wish lists are art to inspire and encourage.Think of them as an alternative to a selfie or a beautiful infograph of your life, with a tad more meaning and value," says Cohen. "Maybe you don't have the time to make a vision board or write your daily to-do's. Wish lists will help you to stay focused and on track. Also now you can connect with one of our artists from around the world who love reading individuals' wishes for the year."

Try it out and dream big!

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