8 Things You Need To Know Today (January 11)

8 Things You Need To Know Today (January 11) Hero Image
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1. You need to know about the transgender model in L'Oréal Paris's latest campaign.

Hari Nef stole the show during a commercial break for the Golden Globes as L'Oréal debuted its latest commercial for True Match foundation. The first openly transgender individual signed to IMG, Nef is breaking boundaries beautifully. One to watch this year. (The Cut)

2. Is there a color that can make you less hungry?

Kendall Jenner's recent Instagram post of her Christmas tree in front of a pink wall would have us believe it. Jenner said the color (also known as Drunk Tank Pink) is "scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite." While this isn't so much a fact as a theory, researchers have found that the color may have a calming effect (and might even act as an appetite suppressant). (The Cut)

3. Being a weekend warrior could be just as good as exercising throughout the week.

It turns out that those who pack in the majority of their fitness on Saturday and Sunday can reap the same benefits (i.e., lowering your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and death) as those who spread it out throughout the week, which is contrary to what scientists previously thought. (The Guardian)

4. Want a healthy relationship? You may want to stay away from New York.

A new study measured attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance to deduce which states were best and worst for relationship health. New York, North Dakota, and Kentucky were in the bottom 10, and Mississippi, Utah, and Wisconsin came out on top. The authors, however, noted that "positive relationships are found everywhere" and "home is where the heart is." We hope so! (Science Daily)

5. The treadmill turns 200 this year. What's next for the indoor running experience?

Does the next evolutionary step for the humble treadmill marry environment and proximity? Seems so! Outside Interactive offers a tablet app that plays Steadicam footage of routes and races from all over the world and can even sync to the speed of your run. And if you want the rewards associated with "green exercise," you can choose a "green" route. Pretty genius when faced with our current dark, cold, and rainy days. (The Guardian)


6. ADHD manifests differently for girls and women.

When you think of ADHD, you probably don't think of girls—you think of a boy squirming around and jumping out of his seat during class, right? That's because for the most part, ADHD manifests itself differently for women and girls. Girls with ADHD are often seen as dreamy or spacey, while women with ADHD are constantly overwhelmed. (Scientific American)

7. Vertical farming is the new way to grow salad greens.

A new rooftop farming concept that involves growing plants in stacked beds, vertical farming does not require any soil or natural light. Apparently, vegetables are made up of mostly water, minerals like magnesium and potassium that can be added to that water, and carbon dioxide from the air. (The New Yorker)

8. Big data is all up in your health business...to the tune of billions.

In a new book called Our Bodies, Our Data, author Adam Tanner discusses the nuances of HIPAA and personal privacy in a time when big data is a big moneymaker. Many of us know that our health tracking apps use and sell our data, for example, but apparently pharmacies and doctors' offices can, too, as long as they strip our names. The real question: Is our information being used for the common good? Guess we'll have to read the book to find out. (The Guardian)

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