How To Work Out Based On Your Personality Type

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Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some of us crave intense cardio every day while others find their bliss in a daily yoga practice. Then there are those of us who find a long walk or hike invigorating.

Whatever category you fit into, it probably has something to do with your personality type. And if you haven’t fallen in love with a workout yet and simply exercise for health reasons, you’re about to find a type of exercise that fires up your soul.

Here, spiritual adviser Emma Mildon explains how to exercise based on your personality type.

For the creative

If culture, the arts, expression, and movement are the things that get you excited about fitness, dance is the way to go. There are some amazing, trendy options you can try this year. Bollyx—which will have you embracing your inner Bollywood dancer— is an amazing place to start, with a mix of modern and traditional beats. It's a creative way to sweat with a smile.

If the idea of getting your Bollywood on makes you cringe, never fear! There are other creative ways to exercise. Try a belly dancing class, or go for a trampoline class, where you literally bounce yourself fit. Classes like Trampolean or Jumplife are great.

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For the perfectionist

If you are precise, calculated, orderly, on time, and essentially looking for the perfect sweat session, barre classes are a great fit for you. This workout is an elegant and energetic all-body workout that mixes the precision and grace of ballet with the strength, toning, and purposeful movements of Pilates to deliver a very controlled and precise exercise experience.

For the procrastinator

We all have those days where we need an extra push. And for most people, that extra push is working out with a group or friend. Feed off the energy of like-minded fitness-goers, and soak up the high-vibe atmosphere in a class packed with great music and a motivating instructor.

If that doesn't work out, you might just need to choose someone who won't let you get away with not working out—like a personal trainer.

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For the person who hates planning

Sometimes life just happens. If your mantra for workouts is "my workout, my terms," the variety of on-demand workouts will cater to your sweat lifestyle. Use fitness-tracking devices Polar Fitness Tracker to help keep an eye on your movements whenever the mood strikes.

If you need coaching, ditch the Netflix session and stream a workout in your home. Mindbodygreen classes are a great place to start!

For the night owl

This workout breaks all the daytime rules. No Lights, No Lycra pretty much speaks for itself. This is a global dance community that provides an inclusive and nonjudgmental place for people to explore all things movement, exercise, fitness, and dance without the glaring light of day or onlookers!

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For the early bird

If you are the morning type and want to awaken your primal warrior and kick your day off with a dawn-breaking sweat session worthy of the king of the urban jungle, ZUU is for you. These body weight workouts that use animal-like movements like the bear crawls, frog squats, even gorillas. These workouts are popping up all around the world and are a great way to kick-start your day; there are also some great online options available.

If you rise early but aren't necessarily wide-awake, you can still take a seat and ride into your day with a morning Soul Cycle session. With boutiques dotted throughout most major cities, these classes are the equivalent of having your smartphone alarm switched out for your own personal David Guetta morning rise-and-shine festival. Great music, huge energy, and you will start your day with one serious sweat-infused soul injection.

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