How To Harness The Transformative Power Of 2017: A Psychic Explains

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
How To Harness The Transformative Power Of 2017: A Psychic Explains

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It's January 2017, and everyone is planning this year's goals, agendas, and adventures. Ambitious, practical, goal-oriented Capricorn is running the stars in January, after all! There is a cultural and cosmic buildup this time of year, like the steam that makes a kettle whistle or the pressure that encourages a champagne cork to pop.

Yet as a professional psychic who read hundreds of people last year, I want to gently remind folks that some of what will happen in 2017 was decided in 2016. Many times when I read clients who are struggling with their love lives, finances, health, or careers, these challenges are in part the consequence of their freewill choices and patterns of the past.

Earthly existence is a lot like farming: The seeds you begin to sow this January will be the harvest you reap in January 2018. Here's some insight on how to navigate 2017 so it sets a lovely stage for the coming years:

1. Small, positive changes snowball.

Even tiny modifications to your habits can make a big difference in 2017 and the years to come. Whenever you consciously make an alteration to your routine, there is a snowball effect. Switching out your bagel or muffin for a healthy organic smoothie a few mornings a week will change the way you feel and alter your tastes, making you crave healthier options throughout the day. Supporting your favorite cause by volunteering or making a monthly donation will make you feel part of something bigger, and you'll start to notice other little ways you can help the environment or those in need.


2. What seeds did you reap in 2016?

Look back on your biggest challenges or disappointments of 2016. Some can be attributed to larger forces in the world outside your control, like changes in the economy or your industry. Maybe you were blindsided by a disease you were genetically predisposed to, or you were the victim of someone else's poor freewill choice. But if you intuitively look into some of the less-than-fun experiences from last year, you will realize that you were, at least partially, reaping the harvest of past choices, patterns, and blocks. Earth is a great place for teaching us the consequences of our actions or inactions.

Be sure to also take a look at what went well in 2016. Last year, I reaped the rewards of publishing my book Angel Insights, a project that began in October 2014. I received many emails from people thanking me for teaching them to communicate with their spiritual guidance squad, and I also got a bunch of new clients. Use your victories from 2016 as motivation for change this year.

3. Where do you want to be in January 2018?

We are always told to live in the moment, but taking time now and again to make practical plans, as well as daydream, is essential. I often tell clients to think of earthly life like an old-fashioned sea voyage. The direction you point the ship is a crucial part of the journey.

Humans are powerful spiritual beings, and our choices allow us to realize and shape our destinies. So when you sit down to make resolutions for 2017, don't forget to think beyond that date. Right now, I'm working on my next angel book, which will publish in 2018. You are also already laying the groundwork for 2018, 2019, 2020, and beyond. There will always be variables and opportunities you cannot anticipate or plan for, but aiming gets you closer to a target.


4. Enjoy yourself more and experience the results.

People always talk about savoring the journey for the sake of the journey, which can be much easier said than done. But remember that enjoying yourself while setting intentions will actually help you get better results. When you hold on loosely and have fun, it's much easier to avoid burnout and stay motivated to keep climbing that mountain. Some challenges are hard and painful. Life is not always meant to flow or be easy. But relaxing, rewarding yourself, laughing, and playing will grease the wheels of your ambitions.

5. Working toward a goal is thrilling!

As humans, we crave growth and change, so achieving slow and steady progress toward your goals is exciting. Big goals like improving your health or getting involved in environmental or political activism can make you dig down deep to find hidden strength, wisdom, or chutzpah, which makes you feel more alive because you are accessing more of you.

Several clients I read last year possessed the warrior archetype in their soul DNA, and a true warrior relishes the battle. There really is something to fighting the good fight—probably the endorphin rush! And setting big goals, like starting a family, buying a home, or launching a new business, is important because the payoff can last the rest of your life.

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