How To Step Into Your Feminine Power As The Queen You Really Are

Written by Yancy Lael

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So many women have become disheartened by the events of the last year—events that made them feel overlooked, undervalued, vulnerable, and disempowered. However, let's consider another perspective.

We are the bearers of life. Whether we carry babies or creative projects, we were chosen to manifest ideas into physical form. The depth of our power is incomprehensible to many of us because we have not been taught to honor, respect, or utilize it. However, now more than ever, we need the women of this world to rise up as the queens they are. We need the power of the feminine to walk side by side with the masculine. We need to believe in and demonstrate our power.

How do we take the throne and ensure a successful reign? We do what any good queen would do:

1. Throw a coronation ceremony.

Get very clear about the kind of queen you want to be. What qualities will define you as a monarch? Set this intention down on paper. If you involve others in your ceremony, have them sign it as witnesses. Buy or make a crown (perhaps out of flowers) and have someone place it on your head, or crown yourself. You might even want to give your queen a name, which will channel your energy into that aspect of yourself, giving it even more power.

2. Assemble your attendants.

You know what they say—the five people you spend the most time with are the ones who have the greatest impact on your success. Make sure you surround yourself with positive, supportive friends and family members who believe in your strength and power and who support your wildest dreams.

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3. Map the boundaries of your queendom.

Know what you can and cannot control and spend your time accordingly. The bulk of a queen's energy should be spent on influencing and shaping those things within her control.

4. Determine the laws of the queendom.

What are the rules by which you intend to live? How do you model these rules for those in your queendom and those neighboring your lands? How will you respond to those who enter your queendom and break the law?

5. Build your army.

No ruler should live in fear of dissent while on the throne, but it's certainly wise to build a powerful army full of brave and loyal knights. Modern-day queens need this army to protect them from disappointment, shrinking self-esteem, and creative frustration. Your "knights" might be bubble baths, a secret stash of dark chocolate, or a stack of books that are begging you to lose yourself to your imagination. Whatever they are, these knights will defend you from the dark enemies of the soul and will nurse you back to health when you are injured in battle.

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6. Strategically share your agenda.

A powerful queen strategically shares her agenda with those who might become her allies. Too many of us isolate ourselves and our queendoms out of fear or an inability to recognize our own power. Don't make that mistake. Tell people what you want. Show them your work. Ask for help. Find your allies and band together.

7. Make quick, confident decisions.

Tune in with your intuition, then make that decision. Make it with alacrity and certainty. Don't ask all your friends for their opinions and take weeks to mull it over when you already know what you want to do. Queens are decisive and they believe in their ability to make good decisions.

8. Cultivate a royal attitude.

Don't fret when you lose money, recognition, or opportunity. You come from royal blood. There will always be more where that came from. You don't have time to cry over your debt, the degree you never used, the business deal that fell through, or the award you didn't win. You are far too busy ruling your queendom. There is literally a crowd of opportunity waiting outside your door just for the chance to kiss your gilded slippers. So buck up and keep going.

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9. Be magnanimous.

Forgive those who have hurt you. Don't let the way they treated you make you feel less powerful. Bless them and bless the empty space they left behind, which is now attracting ever greater opportunity to you.

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