The Essential Natural Labor Kit (From A Former Vogue Editor)

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Jessica Diner is the Beauty & Lifestyle Director at British Vogue and former Creative Director at Birchbox.
The Essential Natural Labor Kit (From A Former Vogue Editor)

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There's really no perfect way to prepare. No matter which type of birth you’re hoping or planning for, you never really know how it's all going to pan out until you’re in the throws of it. So how to prepare? With a kick-ass birth bag packed to the brim with things to fortify and enhance your experience. Sure there are the basics: water (coconut water is ideal for all those magical electrolytes); a favorite face cream and cleanser; an array of good hair ties; and your toothbrush, but thinking outside the box where your beauty and wellness packaging is concerned is what's going to elevate your labor.

Here, our breakdown of what to pack in your alternative birth bag:

Get to know your homeopathy

What’s your greatest fear for your birth? Pain? Anxiety? Exhaustion? Fear of the unknown? Everyone has their own hesitations when it comes to the big day. Quantify what it is that might hold you back and there will be a homeopathic remedy to help you. From Pulsatilla to help cope with contractions, to Aconite for panic, and Kali Phos for energy when you’re exhausted, speak to a homeopath to get a prescription that's going to work for you. Release your inhibitions and let the labor flow. Oh, and Arnica is a must, every four hours during and after labor to help with healing and any bruising.

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Charge up those pulse points

The strategic placing of potent aromatherapy oils will go a long way to helping you re-center yourself mid-labor. H. Gillerman's Tension Remedy blend of peppermint and lavender should do the trick when rolled into temples and wrists. And breathe…

Protect yourself

Be kind to your skin: When sanitizing hands in the hospital, opt for Intelligent Nutrient’s Sanitizer, which destroys 99.9% of bacteria without destroying your hands in the process. We also love de Mamiel’s Altitude Oil. Formulated to apply around your nose when flying to prevent bacteria from entering your system, it works the same in the hospital, too.

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Spray away

When getting hot and bothered, or even just needing something to compose yourself slightly, look to a soothing face mist to revive you. Choose a scent that speaks to you that you know will have a calming effect (we love Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence and Herbivore’s Hibiscus Face Mist). Spray your hospital pillows/linen too for added comfort.

Help the ouchies

Post labor, things might feel somewhat tender down there. A drop of pure lavender oil in your pad is known to help things heal more quickly. But check with your OB/GYN first.

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Reach for the crystals

A well-chosen crystal or two in hand can go a long way to relieve: look to rose quartz to encourage a relaxed state of mind; moonstone to bring balance and confidence; and green moss agate to release fear and to calm the emotional and physical body. Rock it.

Lip service

If there is one beauty item you cannot be without during labor it’s lip balm. We can’t emphasize this enough. The breathing, the drinking, the biting down on your lips—trust us when we say they will feel beyond parched. Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm will come to your rescue on your lips and then will double up as relief for breasts once the little one arrives.

Happy birthing, ladies.

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