How To Use Intentions & Blessings To Embrace Your Face

Written by Lara Vesta
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In life we are constantly striving for balance, whether it’s with work, relationships, food … so why should beauty be any different? Here at mbg, we take an inside-out outside-in approach to beauty, because we believe that the more we take care of ourselves, the better we feel. This week, we’re focusing on the self-care rituals that help you take care of your skin. Instead of treating skincare as a chore or an indulgence, try embracing it for 6 days and enjoy the act of caring for your skin, and thus yourself. We bet you’ll be surprised at how good it feels. Let us know!

One of the tools I use most originated in my Moon Divas teaching days: daily self-care practice. Even micro-practices, performed regularly, powerfully transform patterns of challenge and pain into self-love and joy. Practice is magic.

An effective practice must be simple, repeatable, and enjoyable. That’s why one of my mantras is "Ritualize the Routine." We are busy ladies. We work, we partner, we parent, we create. In order to make regular self-care practice possible we have to create intentional space around things we already do anyway. When we bring loving intention and ritual to the mundane aspects of everyday life, we create rich practices that we can sustain for the long haul. Like I said, magic.

Today I want you to think about transforming the way you wash your face.

Our face is what we present to the world, the image we check in the mirror multiple times a day is an identity. Our faces hold our eyes, our nose, our mouth, the door to some of our most potent senses. When we bring loving intention to bathing our face, washing becomes cleansing and moisturizing becomes anointing. We charge our process with our prayers, and what was once surface becomes depth.

Simple Face Ritual for Self-Love

Step 1: Before you bathe your face in the sink or shower, make sure you have your facial cleanser and a moisturizer at hand.

Step 2: Take a centering breath and imagine that with the exhale you send roots into the earth. Inhale and imagine you are drawing golden earth energy up through your roots and bodyAD until it pours from the crown of your head.

Step 3: Cup your hands. Imagine your hands are filled with this beautiful golden energy.

Step 4: Set your intention for the practice. This can be a word or phrase spoken in first person, present tense. For example:

I am cultivating self-love.

I wash away all that does not serve me.


Step 5: Run the water and let it fill your hands. Speak words of gratitude to the water. As you splash your face imagine you are coating it in the gorgeous golden energy. Apply your cleanser. Massage it into your skin using the gentle touch you would reserve for a lover. Visualize the cleanser removing anything that keeps you from experiencing presence and love in the moment. If you find your attention veering, focus on your breath.

Step 6: Rinse the cleanser with the same golden energy. Pat your face dry and take a small amount of cream. Visualize the cream sealing in your intention. Whatever words you spoke at the beginning of the ritual, repeat them now. Or you may choose to use this portion of the Prayer for Whole Body Blessing from The Moon Divas Guidebook:

“Bless my eyes that I may see the wonder of the present.

Bless my lips that I may form words of love and reverence.

Bless my nose that I may recall the depth of the senses.”

Step 7: When you have finished anointing rub your hands together and bring them gently to your face. Give thanks, speak words of appreciation aloud and so complete the ritual. Until the next day.

By transforming the simplest of actions with love and care, we bring new perspectives and visions, new doorways for life transformation into the everyday.

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