Spirit Almanac: Your Guide To Celebrating February's Mystical Holidays

Spirit Almanac: Your Guide To Celebrating February's Mystical Holidays Hero Image

We all know to mark our calendars for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, National Avocado Day, and those other occasions people celebrate in big, bold, beautiful ways. But what about the lesser-acknowledged spiritual, astrological events that roll around every year? Consider our Spirit Almanac series your own personal guide to the divine.

This month, we’re unpacking the mystical magic of February with stargazing, tarot rituals, and some pretty potent love spells.

February 1, Appreciation for the Night Sky

Illustration: Chloé Bulpin

February is a month cast in black, moody skies (over here in the Northern Hemisphere at least), so let's try to celebrate these long, dark nights as opportunities for growth and reflection. As sunlight wanes and the world above does its evening dance yet again, try out a stargazing ritual tonight, or any clear night this month when the moon is waning. This one from Megan Zimring, an evolutionary astrology and soul-empowerment coach, is particularly powerful.

A Star-Gazing Exercise for Expansion

"Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust." — Lawrence Krauss

Let us transcend the perceived limitations of our physical form and remember that we are born from the stars. Let us remember that we are an incarnation of the vast Universe consciously experiencing itself for a moment. Let us remember that we are magic, expansive and wondrous. Here's how it's done:

  1. Clear your entire schedule for one evening in February. This evening is about freedom and expansion, no time crunches! Grab warm clothes, blankets, and a pillow (and a snuggle buddy if you'd like!).
  2. Find a place to lie on your back outside. Take 10 slow deep breaths (with audible exhales) as you begin to fully take in the vastness of the cosmos above.
  3. Gaze up at the stars and get present to the fact that you are taking a ride on the earth beneath you as it spins for no other reason but to give you a cosmic slide show.
  4. Continuing to breathe deeply with your eyes wide open, allow the energetic imprint of the stars above to enter your consciousness. Imagine golden streams of light coming down from each star into your lungs with each breath. Feel this golden starlight energy entering your body. Inhale their magic. Inhale their power. Inhale their sparkle.
  5. Close your eyes and see the stars continuing to sparkle behind your eyelids. Recognize that the power of the stars exists inside of you. You are an expression of starlight energy.
  6. Place your hand on your heart and repeat, "I am born of the stars. I am vast. I am bright. I am limitless."

February 10, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Illustration: Chloé Bulpin

The last few hours of February 10 will set the stage for the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse—an astrological event in which the Sun, Earth, and Moon align to cast the full moon in a slight shadow. This written ritual from psychic intuitive and spiritual author Tanya Carroll Richardson will help you resolve the shadows in your own life by engaging your inner knowing and getting in touch with your subconscious blocks. Just as the moon's shadow will lift tomorrow, you, too, will move forward clearer and more luminous.

Automatic Writing Ritual for Self-Awareness

Automatic writing has been favored by mystics and artists for centuries, utilized to come up with everything from deep philosophical truths to beautiful song lyrics (see William Butler Yeats and Shane MacGowan, respectively, but know that you don't have to be Irish to benefit from automatic writing).

Ask yourself the following questions, and immediately write down the answers the moment they pop into your mind, without taking your pen off the paper. The thoughts you are writing down should not come from your own mind but from the universe's divine wisdom and your higher self. You're doing the exercise properly if the answers you read on the paper are ideas or explanations that you don't recognize at all—thoughts you have never consciously had before.

  1. What about me, or my life, is more magical than I realize?
  2. Where am I afraid to live at my full potential?
  3. What in my life could be much easier if I would only let it?
  4. What is best for my soul in this lifetime?
  5. Where am I giving away my power and why?

February 14, Valentine's Day

Illustration: Chloé Bulpin

The colors and scents of love magic are a veritable rainbow. According to Greek legend, when Venus was born, roses appeared in the world with her. Subsequently, the rose has become an icon for lovers and is one of the main tenets in any good Valentine's Day spell. What is fascinating is how many times the scent, rose otto, appears in aromatherapy charts in connection with any uplifting of the senses, key to triggering emotion, sexual feelings, and healing. This ritual from folklore, magic, and divination scholar Titania Hardie will help stir your senses and let you tune into your innate magical power.

Valentine's Day Love Spell


  • Pink ribbon
  • Red wine to add dried roses
  • A dish of water to symbolize emotion
  • 2 pink candles
  • Rose incense


  1. Tie the ribbon around your waist.
  2. Strain your wine with the roses and sip a little in toast to the new era of love with yourself or your partner.
  3. Ask that your dreams be transposed to the realm of earth and stamp your foot on the ground to symbolize this.
  4. Meditate on the love you want or the love you have.
  5. Place the dish of water in a position where it can reflect the light from the two candles and light them with the words Love lights the way.
  6. The spell is complete when you feel you have sent your thoughts and dreams out into the Universe with sufficient strength. Untie the ribbon and put it in any space in your life: steering wheel, front-door handle, or even your underwear draw.

February 26, Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Illustration: Chloé Bulpin

A form of folktales, fairytales have a strong oral and written tradition all around the world. Set your imagination free on this very fantastical holiday and reread all your favorite fairy tales. If you have children in your lives, why not introduce them to some of the world's most famous fairytales? Or bring out your inner writer and pen one of your own. Who knows, you could be the next Hans Christian Andersen!

"Meditate on the 6 of Cups," says tarot expert Anabelle Mitzman, who has been a full-time reader for more than 25 years. "This card captures the essence of happiness, and six being a mathematically 'perfect' number, has all life stages within it. The Cup symbolizes water and love, showing us how to share and what happiness looks like. The card also shows two children in a flower-filled garden. They represent innocence and magical past experiences, which we can manifest in the future. Visualize golden happy moments. Magic will happen if you believe."

6 of Cups Tarot Card Ritual

  1. Find a quiet spot, and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer or mantra, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense.
  3. Light one or more candles.
  4. Meditate on the 6 of Cups—Tell a Fairy Tale Day is all about exploring your myths and stories, old and new.
  5. Tap into all the corners of your subconscious and see what you find. Which fairytale best tells the story of your life?
  6. Take a deep breath and make this moment scared.

This piece was co-written by mbg's associate green & home editor, Emma Loewe.

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