See Ya, Sniffles! Kiss Sickness Goodbye With These Immunity-Boosting Dinners

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Stand up to cold season like a boss with these restorative and healing meals packed with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A lot of these foods are common flavor bombs like garlic, ginger, and mushrooms (along with a few wild cards like kimchee and miso), making eating your way to good health this winter easy, affordable, and tasty.

Lentil Dahl

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Why it works: Anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger add both flavor and immunity action to this cozy lentil stew. The curcumin in turmeric can help fight certain viruses, and gingerol in ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory.

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Miso Mushroom Ramen

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Why it works: Mushrooms contain beta-glucan, which can lower your inflammatory response and kick your immune system into high gear. Miso is rich in probiotics, which contain friendly bacteria that can have a powerful impact on your immunity.

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Braised Coconut Spinach + Chickpeas With Lemon

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Why it works: You get a big hit of vitamin C from spinach and lemon, plus tons of vitamin A from the sweet potato, along with garlic, ginger, and ghee, which can reduce inflammation due to its butyric acid content.

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Grounding Winter Salad

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Why it works: Leafy greens like kale and in-season root vegetables pack in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, this salad comes with a meditation to keep you calm and grounded—and banishing stress is a key component of staying your healthiest.

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Chicken Soup

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Why it works: The old wives' tale about chicken soup is actually true. Gut-healing bone broth, garlic, and veggies make this soup a soothing meal for when you're feeling depleted. Research found that particular anti-inflammatory properties and amino acids in chicken soup can help reduce symptoms of respiratory infections.

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Ginger Peanut Stew

Photo: Homespun Capers

Why it works: Ginger and turmeric strike again with their anti-inflammatory and cold-preventing powers in this rich plant-based stew, while cilantro (or coriander) can help remove heavy metals from the body.

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Kimchee Fried Rice

Photo: Feasting at Home

Why it works: Fermented kimchee adds big flavor and a hearty dose of probiotics, which will send your gut (and by extension, your immune system) some serious love.

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