The 6 Crystals You Need To Stay Sane Through Mercury Retrograde

Written by Heather Askinosie

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Today, Mercury goes into retrograde yet again. In astrological circles, that means it's time to load up the bunker with six pounds of steel-cut oats, gluten-free snacks, and enough smoothies to last until it's passed.

Periodically throughout the year, we seal ourselves off while screaming "Mercury's in retrograde," as if Mercury was heading right for us, and refuse to reemerge until it's time to assess the damage. Much of the backlash and negativity that occurs during and after retrograde is the consequence of this attitude.

Yes, Mercury being in retrograde will affect our communication, thought processes, and decision-making skills. No, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Instead of thinking of this time as off-kilter, why not think of it as the universe checking in and energizing us? It's as if the universe is holding up a mirror and forcing us to look at who we are and what we want when stripped of our polite constructs and careful deliberations.

This is us, raw. It's a time to reflect and reevaluate. How can we learn from our impulses?

When properly harnessed, Mercury retrograde can fast-track your personal growth and show you how to readjust your path so it better aligns with your goals. In order to extract as much from this experience as possible, equip yourself with tools for the journey. Namely, crystals for patience, perception, clarity, honesty, and reflection.

Enter retrograde equipped with these six crystals and a healthy dose of gratitude, and you will come out of it thankful for all you learned.

1. Soothe your emotions with amethyst cacoxenite.

This powerhouse crystal helps in times of emotional uncertainty, and it's a go-to mineral for more discerning decision-making. Amethyst cacoxenite allows you to take a few steps back and revisit a situation from a more neutral perspective. Once you are in a place where you can recognize truth, it becomes easier to breathe and become grounded again.

2. Escape to another world with shaman quartz.

Looking at this crystal can transport you into another world. Called shaman quartz, seer quartz, lodalite, or landscape quartz, the stone looks like a lunar landscape, filled with minerals and rutiles to help you piece things back together like a puzzle. Mercury retrograde is a time for inner reflection, and shaman quartz is thought to help you access your past decisions and apply them to the present moment. Ask yourself these questions: What would I change? What would stay the same? How can I shift my consciousness for inner growth? Taking the time to check in with yourself is the quickest way to shift your state of mind.

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3. Keep calm and carry on with blue lace agate.

Often, it's not the words we say but what people choose to hear. Blue lace agate is a great stone for calm and clear communication that resonates with others. As you stay calm, grounded, and supported, you hold that space for others to feel the same way.

4. Remain crystal clear with quartz.

Quartz crystals will help you stay clear and check the details. If you feel as if time is speeding up and everything is spinning out of control, look into the stone and appreciate its clarity. Let it remind you that you hold the power, choice, and insight necessary to enact real change.

5. Seek shungite for technology woes.

A carbon-filled technological energy buster, shungite has been touted as the "Miracle Molecule of the 21st Century." Many times during Mercury retrograde, our technological devices go awry. Shungite acts as a helping hand in these frustrating situations. Think of it as a sponge that sucks up negativity, reminding us that the universe has our backs. However, the cycle of life is all about giving and receiving. So if shungite is going to take away some of your unwanted energy, what can you give back? Calm? Balance? Peace? Mother Earth really needs this energy right now. Be the change.

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6. Slow down with amazonite.

Allow amazonite's soothing color to transport you to faraway lands that rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect you to your artistic self. Yes, we all have an artistic inner child within us who likes to play, laugh, and have fun. During times of stress and anxiety, laughter, good friends, and a good movie can be the best medicine. Amazonite offers a friendly reminder, in crystal form, not to take yourself (or life) so seriously. Get out of your head and into your heart. Have some fun!

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