Embrace Your Feminine Power With Transformative New Year's Eve Makeup

Embrace Your Feminine Power With Transformative New Year's Eve Makeup Hero Image
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There is no time of the year more perfect to showcase your makeup skills (I know you have them!) than New Year's Eve. It's THE time to transform your usual makeup routine into something glamorous and showstopping. Whether you're more likely to be drawn to a bold satin-finish berry lipstick and flush of color on your cheeks, a sparkly eye shadow (and maybe a pair of false lashes!), or a metallic green liquid liner, New Year's Eve is your invitation to throw caution to the wind and really have some fun making up your face.

Katey Denno, who paints the faces of Felicity Jones, Connie Britton, and Amanda Seyfried to name but a few, is here to help you explore some options!

The Bold Lip

Chances are good you're going to be talking, eating, and drinking, and hopefully laughing up a storm with the ones you love on NYE, so your lipstick has to be able to keep up. If you're ready to commit to the bold berry lip on this final night of 2016, here's what you need to know:

1. Lipstick will look better and adhere better to exfoliated, hydrated (but not slick) lips. Make sure yours are kissably soft by gently scrubbing with RL Linden Kiss Like Honey Vanilla Bean Lip Exfoliant ($22). It's FANTASTIC.

2. For lipstick that lasts until after midnight, try these steps:


Step 1: Prime lips with a bit of sheer foundation or concealer. I like using my fingers to apply a touch of W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation ($34).

Step 2: Finding a lip liner that is either the same color as your lipstick (or is a different color, that when combined with your lipstick, creates a color that will be uniquely your own!) will help your lip color go the long haul. I love using a red lip liner like Avril Lip Liner Pencil (EcoCert) in Pure Red ($5.90), to perfect the edge, as well as over the entire lip, underneath a deep, rich berry lipstick.

Step 3: Time to apply your lip color! I love applying lipstick from the tube for color in full-effect. 100% Pure has a new line of bold shades in semi-matte textures that really impress. Try 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick in Marrakesh ($29), for a bolt of hot pink berry that screams NYE party.

The Sparkly Eye

The most foolproof of New Year's Eve party makeup involves sprinkling some sparkle (the color options are vast!) across your lids. Apply with a small domed or flat brush, keeping initial application just to your lid, then sweeping excess in all directions so that the sparkle falls where they may (ideally they stay somewhere in the eyelid/under-bottom-lash-line realm). You can accomplish this using the finger application technique, but when you're working with a lot of sparkle, brushes often make for a less streaky, clumpy application. Try SHANY Bamboo Brush Set ($10.49).

My go-to’s include neutral shades like Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Shadow in Chai ($14), a shimmering rose gold, Tigereye ($14), a deep shimmering bronze, and Paris ($14), a sparkly sandy nude. Curl your lashes after applying shadow, and coat with some black mascara, et voilà!

The Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

There's no look that shows off your makeup skills quite so perfectly—and transforms the shape of your eye—like that of the expertly drawn liquid eyeliner with, perhaps, a little flick at the end. This NYE it's time to up the ante and introduce a little color and electricity to the typical black liquid liner look. Zuzu Luxe cosmetics created a small range of bold, densely pigmented, long-wearing shades in easy-to-apply (I mean it—the applicator tip is the best!) liquid liners. Zuzu Luxe Nile ($14.80) is an electric deep green, and Storm ($14.80) is a metallic navy blue—both are utterly gorgeous.

The 3 most important things to remember when applying liquid liner are:

1. Give yourself plenty of time for application. You cannot rush this!

2. Set yourself up for success: You need direct and even lighting, small Q-tips or a makeup wipe to fix mistakes, and patience.

3. Start your line at the outer edge of your lashes, and dot the liner along the top of your lash line, making sure to keep the line directly along that of your lashes. Finish by connecting the dots and experimenting with how you want your outer edge to look: an abrupt end; a tapered, tiny flick; or a how-you-like-me-now cat-eye, meow!

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