Use the Mirror of Your Mind

Every day most of us use a mirror to view our reflection of physical appearance or state of our body. When we look in the mirror at the reflection of ourselves, we notice any imperfections and we are quick to remove any food or dirt from our faces. We do not stand there and make excuse after excuse; we simply see it and clean it off. We know that it is not permanent and we just simply remove it. Without much thought, almost as if second nature, we wipe away any thing that should not be there.

Now if we could just as simply apply this to our minds. Using the mirror of your mind is the same basic simple idea of reflection. We all strive to be happy and for that feeling of wholeness, which to each of us can mean completely different things, however at the end of the day we all want to be happy. Using the “mirror” of your mind as a daily reminder to yourself that feelings of negativity are not a permanent part of you and you can clear or “wipe” those thoughts away. When you have feelings of negativity arise, stop and take 3 long deep breaths and repeat a positive affirmation using “I AM_____” statements. Example: I AM calm, I AM happy, I AM beautiful….. keep your statements in the NOW and positive. Just like when you look in the mirror at your reflection and remove any mess, use the “mirror” of your mind to “remove” negative thoughts and allow happiness and abundance in.

Use this “mirror” to reflect the state of your mind and ways to improve it. When negative thoughts arise, don’t make excuses, RELEASE IT & REMOVE IT!

When you begin to feel anger, stop making excuses...”look” into the mirror of your mind and notice this imperfection and remove it.

When you are beginning to feel anxiety over upcoming events, “look” into the mirror of your mind and remove that pesky “smudge” from the beautiful natural purity of your mind.

Remember these feelings, negative thoughts and excuses are not permanent. They are not a literal piece of your mind, it can be removed and cleared from your mind.

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