The Perfect New Year's Day Bun In 3 Steps (Because Today Shouldn't Be Fussy)

The Perfect New Year's Day Bun In 3 Steps (Because Today Shouldn't Be Fussy) Hero Image
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A new year is a fresh opportunity to pick up good habits, and this year your hair is the focus of our attention. After a damaging party season—think too much heat styling, product buildup and general bad treatment—now is the time to focus on clarifying shampoos (EWG recommended), nourishing oils, and strengthening conditioners. We love Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo ($50) for its sudsy lather and 17 potent herbs. We're also partial to Rahua's gluten-free and vegan Omega 9 Hair Mask ($47.25).

Today, nothing is more perfect than a bun for giving second- or third-day hair a new lease of life. Topknots are brilliant and all, but a low bun is where it's at: It's more forgiving than a topknot, which pulls your hair up and away from your hairline, rather than softens around it. It can be many places—side, other side, middle, and anywhere from the earline down to the nape. Whereas the topknot can only be on the top, obviously. You need less hair length for a low bun than a very high one, so more people can achieve it too. It also wonderfully disguises a bhd (bad hair day) as it is the nonchalant little cousin of the higher maintenance topknot. The messier, the better, too!

A revolutionary in the green beauty movement, American hairstylist Josh Rosebrook takes a fresh approach to describing this new nonchalance. "We have such busy lives and need all the spare time we can get. If we can save time doing our hair—it makes a huge difference. I am so glad minimal looks for hair are chic today. I don't like hair that looks too perfect or overdone."

The inspiration for this beautifully mussed-up hair? "Your natural texture," says Josh. "This year we are going back to the very essence of the "woman" that's too lovely to have any restrictions on her. Working with your natural texture, which is how curly, extra curly, wavy to straight your hair is, is texture. Bring out a little volume for hair that needs density and height or smooth down frizz for hair that has unruly curls—but allow your natural texture to reveal itself and balance out whatever aspect needs to be improved for your look to work."

Here's Josh's golden tips on how to rock the look:


Step 1: My favorite quick bun is simple to achieve. Make a high ponytail and at the base of the ponytail, begin twisting and as the twist forms, the hair will naturally begin laying down and wrapping around the pony.

Step 2: Continue until you've reached the end of your hair and simply pin the end into the bun with a bobby pin and the bun will stay. Tease a little looser with your fingers to make the overall effect more relaxed.

Step 3. Use hairspray to smooth down fly-away hair if you so desire, and you are finished!

Happy New Year!

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