Why Pink Blush Will Be Your Bronzer For Winter

Why Pink Blush Will Be Your Bronzer For Winter Hero Image
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Finding the right blush for your skin tone works absolute wonders. Why? Blusher can instantly make you look brighter and healthier. You know, the "I've had a killer night's sleep and taken a morning stroll" glow that replicates the healthy flush color of your cheeks right after a good workout or... That's the blush you're looking for!

"Now that Vogue has declared bronzing a thing of the past (at least for the time being), blush is about to have a moment again, and I'm rooting for pink for the winter months ahead," says makeup artist and all-around green beauty expert Katey Denno.

So why is a pop of pink so great? "As a makeup artist who's worked with loads of different face shapes (she paints the faces of Felicity Jones, Connie Britton, and Amanda Seyfried to name but a few), hair, skin, and eye colors, I can say with certainty that the right pink for your skin tone will make the whites of eyes and teeth stand out, making you look awake, akin to what a lash curler does for your eyes!"

Follow these rules of thumb for the perfect skin tone/blush hook-up—oh, you're welcome!

Which pink should you pick?

Pale: Try a soft pastel without any brown tones, which would make skin look dirty. We love HAN Skincare Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Baby Pink ($15) because it's made with soothing rice powder instead of talc and delivers its rich pigment from vegetables and fruit sources.


Light: A pale-pink-toned blush like Lily Lolo's Blush Pressed Powder in In the Pink ($20) will be your best friend. The brand is gluten-free and vegan, too, so your skin will be thanking you!

Medium: Sandy pink to tawny tones will work best for you. Try W3LL People Purist Blush Powder in Luminous Rose ($16).

Yellow or olive: Rose or deep pink tones will make the apples of your cheek pop! Try Kjaer Weis Above & Beyond Cream Blush ($56).

Dark or black: Soft plum or deep cranberry tones look epic. Experiment with RMS Beauty's Lip2Cheek in Diabolique ($36).

How to create the prettiest flush

"The whole idea of applying pink blush is to mimic a healthy glow, so keep it believable," says Katey. "The best thing, though, is that it's universally flattering and super easy to apply, no matter your makeup mastery skill level. Even though a lot of skin tones don't flush to a rosy hue, all skin tones DO look really beautiful in pink, which means experimenting with adding color to your cheeks can be transformative."

If you have normal to dry skin try a cream blush like Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Sweet ($36) because it blends in more easily than other formulations and will look more natural. For oily skin, go with either a powder formula that will last longer than a cream, or a gel (which can be hard to blend on drier skin) to stay put.

Hit the sweet spot

"For the most natural look, begin your blush application at the top of the apple of your cheek. The idea is to deposit the pigment where your cheeks would naturally flush. If you can't see where that spot is, smile to push the apples up, and then sweep the color on and blend outward, toward the ear," says Katey.

Red skin? No worries!

"If you have rosacea, broken capillaries, or flush very easily, you may want to tone down the existing redness first with an opaque foundation and then apply blush. If your rosacea verges on purple, peachy or soft bronze blush will counteract the redness. But if your skin is more rosy, look for a muted or peachy rose," says Katey. We like Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush in Sheer Honey ($30).

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