Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless - Yogi

Rick Bayless is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, and a huge proponent of organic food and authentic Mexican cuisine. He's also a yogi!

When asked by Food Republic if he was really into yoga, Bayless replied:

I started doing yoga almost 20 years ago because a friend was doing yoga and she kept saying, “You’ve got to try it because it will be the perfect antidote to the stress of the kitchen.” All of a sudden I realized that it had so much to offer to me physically. Then I got into a very vigorous style of yoga, Ashtanga-style yoga. The sessions are long and arduous. I found that I loved the challenge of it. I started realizing that I didn’t’ have a lot of strength to do the poses that I wanted to do. Then I started weight training and I love that too. For the last 15 years I’ve done a balance where I do three days a week of yoga and three days a week of weight training.

Namaste to that!

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