Eager To Start The Day? These Healthy Breakfast Swaps Will Get You Out The Door Fast.

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There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday breakfast. We love flipping piles of buckwheat pancakes and frothing almond matcha lattes. It would be great if every morning we had the time for a mindful sit-down breakfast. But some days (you might call them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) we need to hustle. It's tempting in those moments to reach for the closest edible on hand; sometimes that's a banana, and sometimes it's half of a toddler's PB&J. On those mornings, it is possible to eat right without taking a lot of time. And a balanced breakfast will set you up for success all day long. If you're in rush, reach for these simple swaps. They'll make your Tuesday feel like Sunday.

Forgot to stock up on the produce you need for your smoothie?

Grab a Suja fruit and almond protein drink. Fiber from apple, strawberry, and banana and protein from pea milk and almonds mean this delicious drink will give you sustained energy for hours.

Yogurt laden with sugar?

Toss that sweetened stuff altogether. Over the weekend, spoon plain yogurt (we love Icelandic and Greek best) into portable containers and top with nuts, fruit, and a drizzle of local honey for a breakfast that's ready to go when you are.

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Grains too high-maintenance?

If you can't wait for your slow-simmering steel-cut oatmeal, pour out a bowl of Kashi Organic Promise Sprouted Grains. Organic, sprouted whole wheat, oats, and amaranth make this vegan, non-GMO cereal satisfying.

Think you have no time for eggs?

Save slow scrambles for the weekend. Keep boiled eggs in your refrigerator so when you're in a hurry, you've got grab-and-go protein on hand. Just a sprinkling of salt and pepper makes an egg a meal.

Pastry setting you up for a sugar crash?

Instead of a banana nut muffin made from white flour and refined sugar, unwrap a Clif Bar® Peanut Butter Banana Energy Bar. Baked with organic peanut butter and creamy bananas, they'll keep you going longer than a conventional pastry.

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