Getting Started with Mindfulness? Check Out The Mindfulist

The practice of Mindfulness has been getting a lot of attention these days. It requires little time and can be practiced anywhere. If Mindfulness is something you've been working on for your 2010 resolutions, then you're definitely going to want to check out The Mindfulist -- an awesome new site featuring daily Mindfulness reminders such as this:

Identify three bells of awareness/mindfulness at work. For example, you might minimize Facebook when your boss walks by, or swivel in your chair when the phone rings. What are your three?

I, for one, am hooked. The reminders get your attention -- stop, think, and be mindful -- if only for a few minutes. That can often be all it takes to get through the work day.

You can follow The Mindfulist on Twitter or you can just check out their site yourself for daily updates.

(Pictured are the founders of The Mindfulist, Gwen Bell and her partner in crime, Patrick).

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