Corporate Wellness Program Prescribes Food

Written by mindbodygreen

Imagine if your employer had a wellness program in which produce was recommended and prescribed? You'd probably sign-up, right? And it'd probably lead to a healthier and happier workplace. Imagine if all companies did the same thing? We'd probably cut obesity in half and finally get health care costs under control.

Well, Michael Pollan tipped us off on a new company called The Full Yield that's doing just this.

According to their website, they have 'a scientifically validated 12-month program designed to help you feel as good as you can feel, improve your health, and protect your health—starting with what you eat and moving on to how you move, sleep, and manage stress. If you want to feel better quickly, and if you want the most health-supporting choices to become lifelong habits, this program is for you.'

Sounds pretty good, right?

Are programs like this the future of wellness?

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