If We're All Connected Then Why Do I Feel Separate?

As per my last article on MindBodyGreen, 'We Are All Connected' modern science has shown us how we are all connected to:

-Each other biologically

-The Earth chemically

-The rest of the Universe atomically.

One can say we are "non dual" in these aspects. We are connected. We are one.

Yet why is it that I still feel separate at times? Why is that?

Well, in a way, you are separate (dual). We all are!

"When evolution gave man a self, an inner symbolic world of experience, it split him in two, gave him an added burden. But this burden seems to be the price that had to be paid in order for organisms to attain more life, for the development of the life force on the furthest reach of experience and self-consciousness." -- Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death.

In other words our human duality (separateness) was necessary to recognize the non duality (oneness) of the universe. Again, as Carl Sagan said "we are here so the universe can know itself".

From the Universe's point of view the separateness we experience is ephemeral and there is an irony in that. There is a sense of humor that nature has in that. Why didn't nature give us immortality?

"Nature conquers death not by creating eternal organisms but by making it possible for ephemeral ones to procreate." -- Ernest Becker.

If we are ephemeral then its possible that to fully embrace life is our goal, to offer our own unique gift to life is our gift, and to give your life to some higher power, any of your choosing is part of a wholly lived human life. That is your own personal choice. You decide.

We come into this world, not of our own choice and we are brought up helpless in our early years. Then we suddenly discover, our consciousness is housed in this human body. It may be a novelty at first, then one realizes the need to care for it? That's where yoga may help! Yoga makes your body strong and flexible and helps develop healthy patterns of behavior toward yourself and others.

Yet we find that we can be alone in your own thoughts and feelings and it can be that aloneness, in your own thoughts, that one can experience separateness, the feeling of not being connected. It's emotional! It is an emotional separateness. It gives us the feeling that we are separate. Yet it is very real. It can be daunting. Yet feelings come and go. Have you ever had a love object who became an unloved object? Why? How?

If someone asked you to borrow their Maserati car for a period of time and told you that when you get it 3 of the 4 tires will be connected to the car. But the 4th will be a tricky tire for you. If you find a way to connect the 4th tire to the car you will be able to drive smoothly over any surface! The three tires already connected are like our birthright automatic connections: biologically, chemically and atomically. The fourth tire, the one we have to work on, is our emotional tire, our human tire, our duality tire. When this tire is also centered and aligned the car will drive with ease and respond to the drivers wishes! That's you.

In my opinion, again yoga can help. It is that exact feeling of separateness that a yoga practice can address. Yoga believes that the feeling of separateness may be lessened and possibly overcome when we focus on a defined set of variables, 5 to be exact!

I will address each of them in my articles starting next week. The 5 variables that can create the feelings of separateness are called the Klesha's. To remember them more easily I have given them the acronym IPAAF:

Ignorance, pride, attachment, aversion and fear of death....

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