The Sneakers Everyone Is Wearing To Yoga Right Now

Written by Leigh Weingus

Gone are the days of strolling to yoga in our Birkenstocks, but lately we've noticed yogis donning new (and warmer) footwear before rolling out their mats: Allbirds wool sneakers. Soon we started spotting people wearing these cozy, breathable sneakers on the street and to the office, so we decided to launch an investigation. What makes these sneakers so great?

"We made a promise when we started Allbirds to make better shoes in a better way," Joey Zwillinger, co-founder of Allbirds, tells mbg. "We apply that philosophy to everything we do: Our design, production, materials, and fulfillment. Allbirds is an outlier in an industry filled with heavy carbon footprint and synthetic materials. Our mission is to deliver the simplest, most comfortable product, inspired by nature."

Here's why we're loving these sneakers:

They're eco-friendly.

As we work to preserve the environment, we're taking footwear into consideration. Allbirds uses merino wool for all of its shoes. Merino wool is ZQ certified, meaning it meets requirements for animal welfare and sustainable farming. Because Allbirds uses renewable, natural materials, the carbon footprint used in making these shoes is 60 percent smaller than in shoes made with synthetic materials.

They're crazy comfortable.

Keeping your feet warm when the temperature drops is certainly important, and these sneakers do just that. In addition to their soft, cozy feel, Allbirds are lightweight, breathable, and made with moisture-wicking wool. And if you're not sold yet, they're also machine washable.

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They're simple and stylish.

In an era of minimalism, we're always looking for simplicity. Every pair of Allbirds comes in a simple design and solid color, meaning they'll match with any pair of yoga pants—and regular pants, for that matter.

Want more options? Check out two other pairs of our favorite eco-friendly shoes.

Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric sneakers made with biodegradable fabric that breaks down within hours of disposal. Does it get more eco-friendly than that?

Veja sneakers are made from organic cotton from Brazil, and its sole is made from natural rubber. Inspired by Brazilian volleyball shoes, these sneakers are also comfortable and stylish.

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