3 Questions (And Things We Can Learn) from Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!

Whether you've seen him on Ellen, CNN, or The Today Show, Gary Vaynerchuck (or Gary "Vee" as he is commonly known) has had a meteoric rise in the self-help world through the use of social media. He started Wine Library TV, a site that enthusiastically discusses wine. Now he can be seen on NBC talking about social media and his new book, Crush It!.

At the advice of our friend, Brian Johnson, I recently picked up Crush It! and blew right through it. It was a fast read with lots of great tidbits of info for anyone working in small business or looking to make an entrepreneurial leap. I highly recommend it. Here are three important questions that I took away from Crush It!:

  1. Am I absolutely passionate about what I'm about to do? When you're working 24/7 and you don't love what you're doing, you're not going to put in the time that'll probably be necessary to succeed. So if you don't love it, don't do it.
  2. Can I be the best at whatever I'm doing or would like to do? Can I speak to it better than anyone? Can my product be the best product on the market? If so go for it.
  3. I'm passionate and I can be the best, now I need to find out how to make money. How big is the market?

For more on Crush It! and Gary Vaynerchuck:

Wine Library TV

Crush It! on Amazon.com


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