Take A Look Inside The New Yoga Studio That's Breaking All The Rules

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On November 19, SKY TING yoga will open its second New York City studio. This comes less than two years after the opening of its original Chinatown location.

"We're in awe of how much support SKY TING has received in the past year. Our incredible community has definitely shaped SKY TING into what it is," SKY TING co-founder Chloe Kernaghan said of the studio's rapid expansion. "Other distinguishing factors would be our design—Nick Poe is our designer and creative director, and he has such unique style. And of course, our incredible roster of teachers make SKY TING stand out."

What makes SKY TING so special.

Upon stepping into the space, it's clear that it's different from some of the trendy studios that have been popping up in Manhattan in the past few years. Aside from delicious smells and cute mascots (the Chinatown location has stuffed giraffes everywhere, and the new TriBeCa location features flamingos), SKY TING has a feeling of inclusiveness, bringing us all back to what yoga is really about: Community, love, breath, and movement.

In addition to a sign on the studio door that says "late people, we love you!" and simply encourages them to be respectful when entering after class has begun, SKY TING is generous to those who might not be able to afford to take class regularly. From asking people to clean mats once a week in exchange for free classes to making all classes free during times of uncertainty, SKY TING is a welcoming haven for anyone and everyone.

So, what's up with the flamingos?

At TING 2 (the official name of the second location) life-size stuffed flamingos are waiting patiently and proudly to greet yogis. So, what's the deal with that?

"We knew we wanted to continue our tradition of having a mascot, but we also wanted to differentiate it from TING 1," Chloe tells mbg. "We have two flamingos for TING 2—we love that flamingos are super communal by nature, and of course, their mastery of balance is unparalleled!"

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The rituals that give founders Krissy and Chloe calm among the chaos of growth and expansion.

With business booming, co-founders Krissy and Chloe are busier than ever. In order to stay sane, they stick to their rituals. "I love starting my day with a ritual. Its my time to make things. I make my bed, make coffee, I've started making my own nut milk (best splurge ever), make breakfast ... It sets the tone for how I approach my day, harnesses my attention quickly, and brings me joy," Chloe says, while Krissy adds, "I love my morning and evening rituals. I start my day cuddling (human contact is so important), then I make myself breakfast and lemon water. And I LOVE my bath ritual at the end of a long day."

In New York this weekend? Check out TING 2, located at 381 Broadway, 2nd floor.

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