How To Harness Your Feminine Energy To Become A Powerful Leader

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What a beautiful time it is in our world to anchor in to the possibilities of new forms of leadership. Certain traits are inherent to all of us as human beings but are often attributed most to those who are grounded in their feminine energy. As all beings carry feminine energy to varying degrees—we all have both—these tips and traits apply to anyone. They are, however, especially useful for women who desire to ground into leadership from a place that doesn't feel forced or out of alignment. What we need the most is the authentic sharing and showing up from everyone who feels called to, and the following five keys are targeted to throwing the doors open for more inclusive and heart-centered leadership, which furthers our human evolution.


To be an empath is to be able to feel and understand others as if we were experiencing their feelings ourselves. It can be tricky territory when it's not a feeling we desire to feel, but it gives us tremendous insight into how to be most supportive to people at different times. We can all grow our empathy muscle. This entails the necessary practice of stepping outside of our own experience to witness and understand how another might be feeling. This might mean bringing greater consciousness to the way we speak, interact, and make requests from those who are truly struggling. How does this change things? People who feel felt, seen, heard, and witnessed are guaranteed to be happier at work, in their day to day lives, and in their relationships.


Compassion grows out of both tapping into a greater capacity for empathy and also being willing to greet our own experiences fully. Compassion is increased greatly when we become willing to feel deeply our own pains and pleasures so that we can then understand, again, how this experience might resonate or register for another being. A great example is the simple experience of having a "bad morning." Rather than being reactionary toward someone who enters our space at the beginning of the day in a less than favorable mood, we might be able to turn our minds toward a time when we've had the same experience. Rather than saying "what's wrong with you?" we might say, "Can I get you a cup of coffee?" Again, the feeling of having someone care is a basic human desire. We all have the common desire of feeling loved and appreciated. We train ourselves to do this more effectively by not running away from our own experiences, as they are what allow us to offer compassion.

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Often considered the Universal superpower of women, all beings have an internal guidance system. It is most easily accessed from a place of feminine energy—which might mean to relax and open a little bit. Intuition arrives and is felt differently person to person. For some people, it's that deep-gut knowing. For others, it's a tingling all over the body, or warmth. For some, it's in the form of visions or

sounds or smells. One thing that is universally true is that our thought patterns often drown out this quieter voice of knowing, which is always trying to guide us. While physical cues are helpful when we really train ourselves to listen to them, practicing allowing your intuition to come through might be as simple as pausing before making a decision to take a few breaths. What does your body feel? What do you feel drawn to, even though your mind might be instructing you differently? Sometimes the answers are crazy, but most people will agree, the crazy ideas have often led to the realization of the wildest dreams. Being intuition-led supports us in leading from a place of inspiration rather than force. In a lot of ways, it's allowing ourselves to be guided rather than needing to always believe we've got it handled.

Receiving + Self-Care

The art of receiving is one that most of us have work to do around mastering, because it's very challenging to step back or slow down when we're on a mission! What I see so often, though, is the epidemic of very powerful people creating and creating and building and building and forgetting that there is a natural rhythm to life, which is to give and receive. When you give all of your energy away without pausing to replenish or ask for support from time to time, it can quickly lead to burnout, which doesn't actually help anyone. We've all got big ideas and big dreams, and the fastest path to getting there is actually quite different from what we've been taught. It entails not trying to do everything alone and taking really good care of yourself. A 16-hour day might be accomplished in six when you are well-rested, rejuvenated, and feeling connected to your internal world. It only takes a few experiences of showing up this way to start to understand this formula. There will always be times when we have to power through and have massive things to accomplish, but in between, why not honor yourself? The way you treat yourself is also an invitation for how others should treat you—so think and act regally, and you'll be regal.

Life Force Energy

In the Western World, we speak a lot about "vitality" or being "vital," which is to say, very alive and well. However, most Eastern traditions look at the quality of being full of life slightly differently. It has less to do with biohacking and performance hacking, which are amazing, and slightly more to do with understanding how energy works. Our vitality is actually a measure of the life force energy that courses through us—which is additionally our creative energy and our sexual energy. There's no separation. The feminine understands this aspect, as this part of our energy is fueled by the things like sensuality, the arts, beauty, and the good life. It's the relaxing, orgasming, appreciating aspect of the self that longs to live a life less structured. Structure is important, but so is balance. We might choose to ask ourselves what we've been desiring recently or ways that we want to move or be. Perhaps, it's a desire to get back into dance, or take a trip, or start getting biweekly massages, or explore a new language, or paint just because you feel like it, not because you're an expert. When we release the rules around how we need to be, our energy can flow more freely. Stagnancy is the mother of many things, stress and illness notwithstanding, but it is not the mother of revolutionary, inspired action.

So, what will you create? What are you building? How can you begin to incorporate more and more of these aspects into your life and being, in the ways that feel authentic to you so that you can come into greater balance? I think you'll impress yourself with how quickly you rise.

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