10 Tricks That Will Completely Transform Your Fitness Routine

Written by John Torgerson

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Fitness is a dream for many of us. It’s common to hear people complaining about lack of time or funds for a gym membership. Exercise is an important part of life and shouldn't be avoided, but it can always be done smartly, reducing your efforts and enhancing results.

After all, who minds a healthy body that comes with half the effort? Here are 10 life hacks that will come in handy during your exercise routine and help double the effects of your workout.

1. Stay hydrated.

The more water you drink, the more fat is burned—what could be better motivation to drink more water? Drinking plenty of water helps improve your metabolism and prevent cramps during workouts. A hydrated body is a healthy body—and a fit one.

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2. Take the stairs.

Taking stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Stairs are a good low-impact exercise and can be a great alternative for your cardio. Stairs help in strengthening the quads, butt, and calves and can also serve the same purpose of box jumping—it's like having your own personal gym!

3. Find time to work out in the most unlikely scenarios.

Why not do a quick workout during the commercials of your TV shows? This will keep your body healthy—plus you won’t even have to watch those boring commercials. You can always do exercises as simple as stretching and a couple of crunches or squats in the little time you have. These commercial-time exercises help burn lot of calories.

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4. Walk around while talking on the phone.

In today’s world, where phones are an essential part of our lives, it is best to walk around while using them. Sitting for long hours on the phone can result in weight gain. So why not walk around while using it? This will help you shed some calories without you even noticing it. The best part of walking around while using your phone is that you don’t even have to look for a dedicated time to work out.

5. Leave the car at home.

When going to nearby places, it is always better to walk or ride a cycle. You won't have to deal with traffic, it completes your cardio session for the day, and is environmentally friendly!

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6. Reward yourself.

Honor yourself for every workout session you complete. Rewards may be a piece of chocolate you’ve waited for a month to eat, or maybe an extra hour off.

7. Eat the healthy food first.

Eat the healthiest food on your plate first. That way you'll fill up on the good stuff and you won't have room left for the junk. And if you do, you'll eat less of it!

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8. Avoid eating before bed.

Don't eat anything at least four hours before going to sleep. This will help with digestion and weigh loss.

9. Eat oranges.

Eating oranges before exercising not only helps you stay hydrated, but it also helps with post-workout muscle soreness.

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10. Time your playlist well.

Tune in to your favorite songs and help your body exercise more. This way you won’t have to look at your watch again and again, and you’ll be on time.

A fit body is not all about hard work—sometimes it is just about the smart work. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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