Holistic Ways To Cope When Others Are Draining Your Energy: A Medium Explains

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As soon as Thomas John set foot in the mbg office a few weeks ago, we knew he was the real deal. The skeptics among us walked away as converts, having communicated with their ancestors through Thomas in ways they never dreamed possible. Here, the highly sought-after medium and intuitive whose celebrity clientele includes Jennifer Lopez and Courteney Cox shares his advice on how we can all tap into our inner knowing.

As a psychic and intuitive, I'm often asked about ways people can protect their energy from demanding bosses, invasive mother-in-laws, or nutty ex-boyfriends. Since we are all hard-wired with intuition and psychic abilities, we can often feel when someone has negative intentions around us. We can also pick up on residual negative energy that's emanating from random sources.

Here are four tips that might help you if you feel others draining your energy:

1. Call on crystals.

Since ancient times, people have used crystals to ward off negative energy, bring good health, and manifest happiness and abundance. Crystals possess wonderful protective properties and hold the power to energetically heal. Though many (if not all) crystals have some degree of protection ingrained in them, my favorite crystal shields, so to speak, are citrine, amethyst, and black tourmaline.

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2. Watch yourself.

One of the most basic metaphysical truths is that we attract that which we put out into the universe. If we put forward positive thoughts, we welcome positivity into our lives. Thus, if we keep our thoughts, desires, and wishes aligned with positive thoughts, we are more likely to attract abundance. When we begin to think negative thoughts, we open ourselves up to the vibration of negative, draining energy.

3. Use guided meditation.

Meditating is an important step in creating a balanced, healthy body. When you meditate, you raise your frequency and overall mood, which helps strengthen your system's natural defenses against anything negative. Guided meditations can help you stay focused on your inner body instead of dwelling on outside negative focuses. Instead of pushing yourself to meditate for long periods of time, meditate for five minutes to start and build up your strength from there.

4. Burn sage.

Burning sage—sometimes referred to as smudging—is an ancient Shamanic practice that is thought to help remove the negative spirits and energies that are trapped in a space. Smudging is typically practiced in homes or offices; however, you can also smudge your body and the objects around you. One of my favorite places to smudge is in a hotel room!

Good luck—and stay protected.

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