Ready For A Baby? A Fertility Coach Explains How To Prime Your Body For Conception

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As more and more women are trying to balance their hormones and begin to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, they can be confronted with imbalance, often for the first time in their lives. Some are due to the compromised quality of most food available today, some to the environmental toxins, some from stress, some from the toxic beauty products and some from not getting enough soulful connection with Mother Earth.

On my holistic site The Local Rose, I get emails from women who are trying to achieve hormonal balance. I know for me, when my hormonal system is balanced, when I can take time for self-care, my immune system thrives, and I feel like I am in the flow of good living. When things are off, then problems like infertility, cysts, sleep issues, depression, lack of energy, and more arise.

After years of learning how to respect my body, I now have a fairly strong internal system; however, there is always room for more knowledge and growth. I recently met a holistic coach and nutritionist who specializes in strengthening fertility and optimizing the immune system. He really opened my eyes as to why I may need more of a macronutrient balance to assist with my hormones and adrenals. T. Lawson Digby really sheds light on how we need to nourish our bodies with comprehensive, nutrient-dense primary and secondary foods that will enable us to get into the optimal space for health and fertility.

Here are five ways in which a woman can help enable her fertility and balance her hormones at the same time that I gleaned from Coach Lawson:

1. Ensure you're getting enough macronutrients.

Make sure you are conscious of including adequate amounts of high-quality fats and proteins. Today's mainstream nutrition seems to be centered around veganism and vegetarianism. This may work for some for a while but is not nutritionally sound or sustainable for long-term health and vitality as imbalances and deficiencies will become prevalent.

2. Evaluate your micronutrients to make sure you're getting the full spectrum.

To extend on your eating habits, most women are deficient in certain vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Make sure your nutrient intake is full spectrum. When your body is not nourished properly, it will not be able to properly feed a new baby, and infertility can be the body's response.

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3. Sync your eight hours of slumber with the lunar cycle.

Most know how important sleep is. However, actually implementing regular discipline to get at least eight hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep is sometimes pushed aside. Furthermore, all eight-hour sleep patterns are not created equal. For example, from a lunar perspective... sleeping from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. is far more rejuvenating and healing than sleeping from midnight to 8 a.m.

4. Be mindful of your stress levels, and avoid your stressors.

Be conscious of your everyday, average stress levels. Often it's the little things that bring us up or take us down. Take note and take action to reduce and minimize stressors to reach the "fertility zone."

5. Harness the mind's power through visualization.

These techniques can be a great addition to a fertility-strengthening program. Not everything can be scientifically documented, but the mind is POWERFUL. Enable it to perform magic.

With proper nourishment and increased dialogue with your body, you're enabling pathways to the fertility zone.

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