Meet The First Woman To Set Foot In Every Country In The World

How’s this for a reminder that passionate women can accomplish anything?

27-year-old American Cassandra De Pecol is poised to become the first woman to travel to all 196 UN member countries. With 180 down, the Connecticut native plans to knock the remaining 16 off her list by the end of the year. In doing so, she'll also set the Guinness World Record for fastest global travel, having started her solo international journey just 15 months ago.

De Pecol has spent between two and five days in each location, and funded over 250 flights with kickstarter campaigns and brand shoutouts on social media. Along the way, she's spoken out as an ambassador for The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, a non-profit dedicated to using tourism to promote environmental awareness, and collected data samples from remote corners of the world to help conservation scientists.

“I’m very much a nature person more than a city person. So, when I travel, I try to steer clear of cities and rather immerse myself in little towns or in nature. I feel that I can understand the culture or environment more by doing so," De Pecol writes on her website.

And if she wasn't inspiring enough already, De Pecol is also a triathlete, yogi, Krav Maga enthusiast and all-around badass. Check out these scenes from her journey and follow along with her final days of travel on Instagram.

Bali Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Jordan Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Iceland Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Grenada Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Bahrain Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Mongolia Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Dubai Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

Tunisia Image: Instagram/ expedition_196

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