5 Herbs For A Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Detox

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Thanksgiving is only the beginning of a seemingly never-ending holiday hiatus. And each holiday season, my happy-go-lucky self chooses to live in the moment and indulge in all bliss at hand. Overeating, sampling all desserts (several times), and enjoying exquisite wine is just some of the yum I partake in. I'm sure I'm not alone.

The cold-turkey approach to the healthy holiday resolution is not really the healthiest answer either. Forcing yourself to say no and stressing about what you are doing can, in fact, elevate your cortisol levels, provoking serious hormonal imbalance, candida, and, essentially, chronic fatigue.

But every single Thanksgiving, I wake up with a guilt-ridden conscience, feeling unhealthy and in need of some serious cleansing. These are the beautifying herbs that help me detox naturally:

1. Hydrate with lemon water.

Drinking water is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to kick-start a brief detox, alkalize the body, nourish the kidneys, and harmonize the belly. Drink a large cup (or a few) of warm water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice once you wake up for the next few days. Drinking your water warm will rinse off all the gunk in the intestines.

2. Boost enzyme function with Chanca Piedra.

A rain forest wild weed known to detoxify the gallbladder and liver, Chanca Piedra increases enzyme count while detoxifying excess fat and toxins. Add one teaspoon to your hot water or in the green juice of your choice.

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3. Boost your vitamin C with mangosteen.

This delicious fruit is known as a powerful antioxidant that's rich in vitamin C. Mangosteen is one of nature's best beautifying and anti-aging foods out there, acting as a potent anti-inflammatory and blood detoxifier.

4. Combat candida overgrowth with Pau D'Arco.

A masterful bark known for its anti-candidal and blood-building properties, Pau D'Arco is known as one of the best fungal fumigators to the intestines. It supports relinquishing bacteria and toxic buildup. Try adding a teaspoon to a chai for a deep and flavorful latte.

5. Stay stress-free and calm with adaptogens.

The digestion needed to break down holiday meals puts stress on the organs. Getting bloated and saturated is just the tip of the iceberg—high cortisol, candida, fatigue, stagnant bile, and an underfunctioning liver are just some of the common symptoms most of us experience after indulging. A favorite adaptogenic mix of mine is ashwagandha, suma, astragalus, and maca. It can be added to nearly everything (think smoothies, oatmeal, salad dressing, etc.) and helps recharge your system.

Share these with your loved ones and make it a high-vibe holiday season!

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