How To "Trick" Your Body Into Optimal Health

We all begin new health programs with the best intentions, but if you lead a busy life it can be challenging to stick to a healthy nutrition plan. Be kind to yourself; creating a new healthy habit is one of the toughest things you'll ever do!

With a little diligence, some good old-fashioned willpower, and a few of my top health hacks below, you'll be tricking yourself into your optimal level of health in no time.

1. Plan for success.

Those who plan to succeed are usually the ones that do. Have a busy workweek? Buy all of your groceries for the week to prepare and store your meals. Pack them in a cooler and take the cooler everywhere you go. When the Monday rush hits and you find yourself without time for lunch, you'll be glad your healthy option is within arm's reach—and a lot closer than the burgers and fries down the street.

2. Modify.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to turn my favorite decadent snacks into healthy modifications that fit within the guidelines of my nutrition plan. How creative you get is up to you. Be bold! An easy, healthy modification might be to make pasta from zucchini in lieu of regular spaghetti. Homemade oven-roasted kale chips make a great alternative to regular chips, which are often very high in saturated fats. And have you ever tried freezing red grapes as an alternative to ice pops or ice cream? Delish!

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3. Remember: Water is your BFF.

H2O is your new best friend, and so is the nice, large, refillable jug that stays with you everywhere you go. Drinking water is a great aid to help give you that feeling of satiety and fullness. Plus, a hydrated body has other benefits, including great skin and energy levels—and who doesn't want that?

Our bodies sometimes trick us into thinking we're hungry when we're dehydrated, so always drink some water first if you find yourself hungry before mealtime. Take charge of your health and make hydration a priority when going about your day.

4. Indulge.

Maybe this seems counterproductive to some, but the best way to trick the body into health is to indulge every now and then! A constant, nagging feeling of deprivation is not conducive to healthy living, at least not in the long term. It's good to have a healthy meal plan set out to stick to. But healthy living also includes setting some time aside when you can fit in some indulgences, too, whatever they may be. Be bold!

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