This New Eco-Friendly Collection Is What Your Closet Has Been Missing

Mara Hoffman, the face of bright, bold, tropical fashion, has a brand new collection coming out this spring—and it's a serious departure from her usual look.

A more subdued selection of boho pieces made from breezy, better-for-the-planet materials like organic cotton, recycled spandex, and tencel (a natural fabric made of wood cellulose), it speaks to her new, more eco-friendly business model. By producing a tailored collection of essentials, the designer hopes to spark the resurgence of "uniform dressing", where women wear the same classic staples over and over, as opposed to filling their closets with trendy today, passé tomorrow pieces.

Hoffman, who also has a soft spot for meditation and coconut oil, cites the rise of disposable fashion as inspiration for her shift. She told Vogue that she has been waiting a while to go greener, but the birth of her child is what ultimately pushed her to take the leap.

Then I had my son, and it was like, ‘Wait. This goes far beyond me.’ Here I am as a manufacturer and I’m making things [every season], but my son and his generation are the ones who will have to deal with all this stuff. We’ve been making things too rapidly, and there’s too much of it. There’s this daunting feeling that you can’t change [an industry] that’s been in motion for so long, but I couldn’t keep showing up if we weren’t going to make some changes.

We commend Hoffman and all the other eco-friendly designers out there who are putting out options that are less taxing on the environment and more likely to stand the test of time.

Spring '17 hasn't hit shelves just yet, but you can preview some more looks here.

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