Naked Yoga: Weird or Self-Esteem Builder?

Naked yoga seems to be back in the news. Is the practice weird or is it a self-esteem builder? Or is it a bit of both?

Live Science reports:
And while being naked around other yogis might sound more anxiety-inducing than stress-reliving, those who've done it say it can boost self-confidence and help people to accept and celebrate their bodies.
Isis Phoenix, an instructor at Naked Yoga NYC believes that the practice helps people let go from the constraints of life:
Some might feel self-conscious at first, but Phoenix has seen participants undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, a change only made possible by baring it all, she said.
"A new reality is created in the first 15 minutes of class — a reality where people can be naked and practice yoga in the room, and it's ok. Nobody's going to point and laugh. In that first 15 minutes, I would say most people go through a transformation of holding that new reality really solidly, and that makes other things possible," including confronting their fears about their new experience, Phoenix said.
So what do you think? Is naked yoga a great way to build self-esteem or is it weird?

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