4 Simple Ways To Run Faster

Written by Jesse Boskoff

Photo by Stocksy

Just about every competitive runner would like to be faster. But you may have reached a point where you feel that your diet and workouts

have made you as speedy as you can be. Even so, have you tried the techniques below? If not, you might find that they'll shave off a few seconds or more whenever you race.

1. Choose footwear with care.

If clothes make the man or woman, shoes make the runner. Thus, you should go to a running store and get an expert to help you. That way, you'll get shoes that perfectly fit your feet and your running style.

It might sound strange, but your running shoes should probably offer you little support. That's because the arches and muscles of your feet won't be as strong as they could be if you're relying on your shoes for support. It can be helpful to wean yourself off sneakers and

increasingly depend on minimalist shoes. No matter what kind of shoes you have, be sure to discard them after you've run between 300 and 500 miles in them.

2. Get stronger all over.

If you're a runner, you want all of your muscle groups to be powerful. If one group is significantly weaker than the others, it can create an

imbalance. That situation requires you to put more effort into your running, and it slows you down. It can also lead to injuries.

To avoid this issue, take up a program of strength training that will develop your entire body. You might want to work with a trainer who

specializes in running.

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3. Take it in stride.

A good rule of thumb is that you should take about 180 strides per minute. If you're taking significantly fewer, you're probably using

more energy than you need to, and you're going more slowly than you could be.

Consider your stance as well; you ought to be leaning forward just a little. What's more, shorter strides and less movement overall can

protect your knees and ankles.

4. Head for the hills.

Finally, your running workouts should include hills and plenty of them. Sure, some people try to avoid hills as much as they can, but they incline workouts offer great benefits. They're effective at strengthening muscles. In addition, they'll get you more accustomed to raising your knees naturally instead of forcing them up too high.

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