Edible Fruit And Veggie Jack-o'-Lanterns

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Typically when you've brought home fresh produce and slid your kitchen knife from the block you're moments away from a healthy snack, so why should Halloween be any different? You could carve a traditional Jack-o'-lantern from a pumpkin and use its meat to cook up creamy pies or sustaining smoothies, toasting its seeds to a golden crisp for nutritious munching, but you could also craft a festive, frightful face from any other favorite fruit or veggie. Persimmons' firm flesh and orange skin makes it a perfect, pint-size pumpkin substitute. Bell peppers, stuffed with quinoa and baked, serve as a powerful pre-candy antidote. And pineapple, watermelon, and cantaloupe not only give you a full-frame canvas to showcase your artistic sensibility but also bowls of juicy fruit sweet enough to overshadow any trick-or-treat loot. Show your neighborhood a little color this year, and let your love of fresh foods shine.


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Bell Pepper

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